Wayfinding signage has never been more important for high street businesses. With many set to reopen over the coming weeks, attracting customers is going to be vital for everyone from retail stores and hairdressers to cafes, bars and restaurants.

Wayfinding signs form an integral part of this process and making sure that your customers know where to go is essential.


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What Are Wayfinding Signs

Stores, offices, bars and restaurants can be difficult places to navigate, especially if they are busy. Wayfinding signs basically let your customers know where they are and where they need to go.

If you’ve got a sale on in the back of your store, for example, wayfinding signage can get your bargain minded customers there quickly and efficiently.

You might be surprised that people use these kinds of signs more often than we think. We’re always on the lookout for directions!

Types of Signs

There are four main types of wayfinding signs and it might be useful to look at your business and see what you have in place and how they could make a difference.

  • Identification Signs: This tells the customer where they are right now. A good sign would be one telling them they are in a particular section or at a sales point where they can pay for their goods. These are essentially landmarks and cover everything from your toilet signs to that big sales section where all the bargains are.
  • Directional Signs: These work slightly differently, in this case getting your customer seamlessly from A to B. In big stores, this could include a large sign with different sections and what floor the customer is on. In a bar, it could be directing them to the toilets or the new cocktail bar. Within an office, a directional sign could be used to point people to the right department.
  • Information Signage: On top of identification and directional, you might also want to include informational signage. These are often in areas like receptions or hotel lobbies. This could include the opening and closing times of your store or where to find certain amenities.
  • Regulatory Signs: Some businesses have certain rules and regulations associated with them and these need to be displayed in a prominent position. We’ve all become used to Covid signs, asking people to wear their mask in-store or when they enter an office. This type of signage can also include fire regulations or remind people not to smoke. They generally need to bold and noticeable.

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Is It Time to Update Your Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signage can be critical in making sure that your customers have the information they need and can find what they are looking for. It’s worth stepping back and looking at your office, shop or hospitality outlet from the customer’s point of view.

Is everything easy to find? What would make your customer’s life easier? Are the signs attractive and match your branding? Are they positioned correctly so that customers can easily see them?

A few changes here and there can make a big difference to how people interact with your business.

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