Projection Signs

These are an important sign for any business, giving a visual clue to a location from an oblique angle, often when potential clients are looking for a premises for the first time on foot or by car, or in making sure a business stands out from the crowd on a busy shopping street. Styles vary from a simple 90 degree formed printed aluminium sheet, to large internally illuminated sign-boxes, that rises vertically up the side of a building.




Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Apple Bay


Burger & Lobster


Franco Manca

The Real Greek


They can also be seen in supermarket aisles and busy transport hubs like railway stations and airports, adding clarity to wayfinding systems, in addition to larges building like hotels, offices and even hospitals.

Technical Signs is able to offer a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ options that can be personalised to your needs or can work on bespoke projects to offer something that is just that little-bit different.

Projections Signs are popular with fast-food retailers, coffee shops, petrol stations and a host of other outlets. In shopping centres, we have worked with developers to arrive at designs that are generally to the style of the décor, so that there is conformity of size and style across the centre, while still allowing individual branding and messages to be displayed.

We have worked with many restaurant chains on producing a standardised logo sign for them that has then been installed to branches nationwide, particularly useful as a secondary sign to promote a leading name, like a brand of Ice Cream.

Over recent years, shaped signs to the needs of products being sold have become popular over the traditional rectangles, squares and circles seen on many British High Streets, so the more unusual you can make your own, the better.

A recent development with projection signs is to introduce complex shapes that mirror a company’s letters style or logo. The advent of low-voltage LED lighting now means that internally lit options are possible, while the use of highlighting pieces with Neon can set your sign apart.

We can work to your brief and are often able to offer a solution that will be cost-effective on a large roll-out programme, while advising on local planning regulations that will affect certain sizes of projection sign.

A free initial consultation with the team at Technical Signs will reveal a company that is not only at the forefront of technical ability and craftsmanship, but when combined with our commitment to customer support, offers possibly the best service available in the industry today.

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