Local Authority Consultations

Technical Signs work with clients that are in fast-paced and highly competitive business sectors and understand you have to concentrate on running your own business successfully.

You do not need to be distracted by the administration and time involved with the submission of plans and the whole planning approval process.

Once you have agreed a design concept with us, we will gladly remove the pressures that come with seeking local planning approvals.

We liaise with local authorities from the outset, having already guided your signage or special project through a development programme using the benefit of our significant background knowledge of all current regulations. We have an understanding of what is likely to be acceptable, given your location and surroundings; the type of signage and displays already in the locality, and to what guidelines you will need to adhere to – smoothing the process to as short and efficient time period as possible.

For instance, many do not know that certain bold colours placed near to a set of traffic lights have to be considered in light of potential Human Factors distracting and confusing drivers.

Where necessary, we will meet building and planning officers before the submission of plans or arrange site visits to discuss the finer details of proposals with them to ensure we present on your behalf, a scheme that is more likely to meet all their criteria, first time! This saves much anxiety and certainly, potential loss of trading income because of a delayed opening.

For established businesses wishing to renew their signage, the procedures are similar and we will be happy to conduct the same service as part of our quotation, providing all visuals, photographs and site location details with the multi-part application process.

Planning applications can seem daunting, but by using the experience of Technical Signs, we can help keep your business on track and your sign or display project delivered and working that much quicker.

A free initial consultation with the team at Technical Signs will reveal just how helpful we can be with your signage planning applications.

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