Great and useful signage in a hotel is incredibly important. Smart looking branded signage will make your hotel stand out, and images of your hotel is your biggest selling point when it comes to sharing on social media. The team at Technical Signs are experts in reflecting your brand values and creating unique, bespoke signage to fit the style and vibe of your hotel and can support your branding whether you have one hotel or one hundred.


Hotel Signage

Signage that you have within your hotel is also important. There needs to be continuity and it needs to be attractive. This helps your customers navigate with ease, relieving the pressure on your staff and giving your gusts a great experience helping them give great reviews.

Creating Brand Identity

One of the primary purposes of traditional signage is to create an identity for the hotel over and above the bricks and mortar. It’s what sets the building apart from others in the area. Customer recognition plays an essential role in any business – ideally, you want people to think and feel certain things when they see your sign on the street or above the door.

Brand identity in its simplest form is the design, font and colour you use in the signage, including the logo. At a deeper level, it evokes emotions and reflects your values and what you offer customers and your commitment to them. Getting it right is not always easy but transferring that identity onto your signage and having a coherent and easily recognisable look is essential.

The Impact of Traditional Hotel Signage

People are quick to get a first impression and that can be imprinted on their minds for some time to come. Poor signage says that your hotel doesn’t care that it might not provide a great service or is more worried about making a profit than looking after visitors.

Great signage has totally the opposite effect. It tells passing people that you’re clean, welcoming, and professional. Traditional signage often works better because it creates a memorable impression and stays longer in the mind of the customer.

It’s a good idea to step outside and look at your current signage from the point of view of those passing by. Is it easy to see? What does it say about your business? Can the customer quickly see that you have, for example, a high-class spa or restaurant on-site or that you offer free wi-fi in every room?

The other benefit of paying more attention to your signage is that it’s relatively low maintenance. A sign simply lasts longer than a social media message or a digital display. Signage is cost-effective and can have a profound impact on the way that your hotel is recognised on the high street. It sets you apart and continues to do so through sunshine, wind, rain and snow.

Physical signs can also be moved as and when you need them without the trouble that you often get with digital displays which need to be connected to the electric supply.

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