Making an impression with your business has never been harder or more important and as sign manufacturers we know the importance of making your logo and your whole brand proposition stand out!

Stand out with Signage

Wherever your business is located, you need to be seen. Your brand and logo are the first impression a customer gets of your business, and they often reflect the quality of the product or service you’re offering. Making sure you stand out either on the high-street, a busy industrial estate or out on the road is very important for brand visibility.

Logo Signage Tips from Experts

As experienced business sign design and manufacturers we have seen some really great ways to showcase your logo – here are some top tips for any business type:

Built Up Letters Adds Dimension

Adding a 3D element to your logo is a way to really bring our logo to life. Using built up letters and shapes avoids the flat fascia look and adds depth and shadow, to your brand name or logo.

Showcase the Unusual

At Technical Signs, we really can make you just about anything you can think of, so if you want your logo, signage or other brand imagery showcased on unusual materials, just let us know and we can work together to create something unusual and unique.

Create a Contrast

When it comes to standing out with your signage it is not just about the sign itself, you can add impact and drama and change the whole vibe of the sign by mounding it on a contrasting background or choosing to chase your brand colours with something very unusual. It is not just colours that can create contrast if your sign is going to be in a dark area, consider an illuminated sign and then play with what the shadows on the walls will look like.

Bright Lights & Illumination

Illuminating a logo always looks impressive, whether the sign is on the interior or exterior of your business. Technical Signs can not only light up your signs and logo’s but they can create bespoke lighting solutions for your commercial space that will highlight how unique you really are.

Build a Feature Display

In reception areas or in offices your logo may create part of a feature display or wall. This creative way of displaying a logo helps to further show your brand personality and can even promote your brand values. For example, living walls will add a textural element, digital screens can be interactive and engaging and creating a 3D feature offers the opportunity to showcase facts or information about your business.

Great Signage Starts at Technical Signs

Even the best and most creative logos and brand propositions can get lost and remain unnoticed if they are not showcased by the signs that you use to display them. Get noticed with excellent well thought out signage and grow your business on the back of that great brand!

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