The fitness and gym industry is going through a resurgence of popularity at the moment, whether it is the fact that many people want to lose their post lockdown pounds, or that after such an unusual year or two people are really starting to put their health first and realise the benefits of great fitness.

Great Gym Signage Gets You Noticed

Each gym business out there, whether you have one gym or a series of gyms across the country has its own vibe and attracts different types of customers, the gyms that do well are the ones that match their branding and signage with their gym’s ethos and their customer expectation. If you are a clean lines gym that wants just the gym equipment on show, then a cool and paired back signage approach is for you. If you love that your customers share images of your trendy gym all over Instagram, then more attention needs to be given to creating space and backdrops where you clients can do that.

Rapidly Changing Industry

The fitness industry is always evolving, so attracting new customers and retaining the ones you have is extremely important. New fitness machines, new approaches and new classes are always popping up so having branding and signage that is easily adaptable and ready to be refreshed as new things come along is a great idea.

Make Your Gym Stand Out

Don’t just think locally when it comes to designing or rebranding your gym facilities, think global! Look at what gyms are doing around the world and take those ideas so you can mould them into your own style. Then when you have an idea of what you want your branding to be talk to the Technical Signs team, they have been helping all types of industries design and manufacture the signs they need to stand out in a competitive world.

Great Banding Ideas for Gyms

Layers & Dimensions – Your clients are not one dimensional so why should your signage be! Using 3D signs, built up lettering and other dimensional signage techniques you can take your signage to the next level!

Design for the Customer

Great gym design starts with clarity and information. Making sure your clients have useful and informative wayfinding signage means they will feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the doors. Your lobby or reception area is a place of importance as this will be the first place your customers go to for help and advice so make it something welcoming and special.

Design with Motivation in Mind

Your customers want you to inspire them so having custom created graphics, wallpaper and vinyl window and glass signage filled with inspirational quotes or motivational mantras will help keep your customers feeling like they can do anything!

Expert Sign Makers for your Gym

Technical Signs can make and manufacture just about anything you can imaging, so talk to these experienced sign makers about how you want your gym to look and feel and leave the rest to us.

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