Light Boxes

Adding illumination to your signs brings a whole new perspective and level of attraction, greatly increasing the number of people visiting your premises, which then increases sales and your brand awareness. Outdoors, Lightboxes are traditionally seen on shop fascia’s where they form an important way of catching attention. No longer confined to acrylic panels as a backdrop, larger sizes are now possible with flex-face skins, akin to the head of a drum. These can be digitally printed to over 6 metres in depth, with the length of displays almost unrestricted. Super-sized illuminated signs on out-of-town retail parks are just one example of this technology.

Big Moe’s Diner

Brasserie Abode


Lightbox Installation

Lightbox Installation

The Book Club

Lightbox Installation

Lightbox Installation


Lightbox Installation

Indoors, lightboxes bring vibrancy to your displays and new slim-line solutions made possible by the introduction of LED illumination, mean you can now fit them in more locations than ever before, all without going to extreme budgets.

They are excellent for point-of-sale applications and are popular with clothing retailers, sportswear outlets, department stores and supermarkets, to name but a few recently completed sectors of the marketplace. Technical Signs has an enviable installation record across a wide range of applications as part of their most-recent shop-fitting schemes.

Coffee Shops and food outlets find them invaluable, because they can display photographic transparencies of their latest menus – vastly improving customer understanding and their order levels.

They are lightweight enough to be used in window displays, often seen suspended as part of a low-voltage wire system in Estate Agents windows, or seen as backdrops to clothing displays or poster holders on walls. The possibilities with lighting technology in such a low-profile, non-intrusive frame, is only limited by the imagination and the Technical Sign design office has plenty of that – giving you the benefit of their expertise.

A free initial consultation with the team at Technical Signs will reveal a company that is not only at the forefront of technical ability and craftsmanship, but when combined with our commitment to customer support, offers possibly the best service available in the industry today.

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