Totems are tall column structures often seen in shopping centres or petrol forecourts that have now become popular for business premises, office complexes, trading estates and retail parks. Their physical size and double-sided nature attracts attention from a wide area. Not only ideal for individual company identification, but with a series of panels, can give a visual directory of the attractions and facilities available on a particular site, while others are ideal as part of a wayfinding programme.

Totem Installation


The Aberdeen Altens Hotel



The Noke Hotel

Virgin Active


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Hinckley Island Hotel

Ha Ha Bar & Grill

The Hinckley Island Hotel

Usually consisting of an upper main panel that carries a company logo or brand image, sub panels can be a mixture of displays, with electronic clocks and temperature gauges being common, as well as combinations of solid descriptive panels or internally-illuminated sign-boxes. A variation is a single large pole with a double-sided sign placed directly on top.

Larger systems can carry an electronic display panel, capable of showing full-colour graphics as well as text. Latest systems can include outdoor LCD displays offering the flexibility of large screen displays right on the street in a very slim form-factor.

Today, a totem is a valuable signage system for car dealerships, showrooms, car repairs or exhaust and tyre dealers; in fact, just about every retailer that has a car-park or large frontage on a busy road ought to consider the use of a totem sign.

Indoors, smaller versions can be seen in shopping centres, especially in walkway kiosks, where their added height can attract passing trade or direct people to the different stores.

Materials can vary from stainless steel, steel that is powder-coated, aluminium or even timber. Latest designs even show no support posts at all, being completely wrapped by folded metal panels, fabricated to suit specific designs and shapes.

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