Use board signs to stand out from the crowd on the high street! With many businesses impacted by the Covid-19 shutdown, attracting customers to your store, café, restaurant or bar is essential.

What is a Pavement Sign?

use pavement signs to increase footfall

Businesses like bars and restaurants are well versed in attracting customers off the street. If you own a shop, too, a pavement sign can make a significant difference to footfall. Board signs are double-sided advertising banners that can be placed in the street and are used to get immediate attention. If you run a bar, for example, you may want to put your specials for the day on a chalkboard.

Board signs come in different designs. The chalkboard is one of the most versatile. You can also have printed signs for your shop or store that carry your branding.

The Benefits of Board Signs

With our high streets becoming busier now the lockdown is over, many stores are looking at different ways to boost visibility. A well-designed board sign will attract attention whether a potential customer is walking or driving by.

how to make creative pavement signs

Because it’s positioned out on the street, it can quickly change an individual’s focus and make them look at your store or bar more closely. They could be glancing at their phone or talking to someone and would normally pass your place without even noticing. Your pavement board sign will change all that.

The other big benefit of board signs is that they are relatively cost-effective compared to other marketing initiatives. The return on investment is fantastic and within a few short weeks, you will probably expect to get your money back with increased footfall to your restaurant, bar or shop.

Designing Your Board Sign

The big decision you are going to need to make is the design of your board. This requires you to think about your customers and what is likely to attract them.

For instance, if you run a seaside ice cream parlour, you may want to focus primarily on families looking for a delicious treat. You’ll want an enticing image and an arrow pointing to your parlour.

If you are a bar or restaurant, you might want to be more flexible in your design. That’s why you see many bars with chalkboards where they can change information as and when they need to. Perhaps you’re showing a football match that evening or you have a special new beer that you want to make customers aware of.

The build of your board sign is going to be important too. If you live in a particularly windy part of town, the last thing you want is your sign blowing away. The base and weight of your pavement sign will be important.

Key when designing your pavement board sign, of course, is how it stands out on the high street. Before you do anything else, take a look at the world from your customer’s point of view. Use this to influence your design and create something that has the curb appeal and visibility that you are looking for.

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