As consumers, we have a lot of businesses vying for our attention. We’re constantly communicating, if it’s not ads on social media or TV, it’s stores trying to entice us in when we walk down the high street.

For businesses that operate a brick and mortar store, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants, getting noticed is a big deal. Making sure that your signage delivers everything you need it to is important in today’s competitive world.

See the World from Your Customer’s POV

It helps when you are thinking of signage to take a step back and look at the big picture. Go out on the street, look at your shop front or bar from the point of view of someone passing by.

Does it look attractive? Is it well branded? Does it make you want to go inside?

When the night’s draw in, is your signage hard to see because it’s not properly lit? Would you stand out more if you invested in a lightbox sign?

Tell Your Brand Story 

Signage not only highlights the name of your business, but it can also give an impression of what you are all about. Branding is essential when it comes to creating good signs. That not only includes the signage that you have up outside but the way you organise the interior of your business.

Signs Attract Attention, They Also Inform

Signage isn’t just a way to get your brand across, however. They can point potential customers to new offers and certain areas of your store. They can show off new beers in your bar, the specials on your menu if you are a restaurant or the new line of clothes that you have just ordered.

Sign Options for High Street Businesses

The big benefit of signage of all types is that it is a relatively cheap and profitable way to boost your visibility and get more customers through the door.

exterior signage for the hospitality industry

There are several different options for the high street, whether you are a restaurant or hotel, a café or bistro, clothes shop or bookstore. Getting the balance right is important.

  • Lightboxes: These are powerful marketing tools both indoors and out. They shine through the gloom and incorporate attractive imagery to entice people to buy from you.
  • Board signs: If you are looking for something a little simpler, the traditional board or pavement sign is still one of the most elegant and cost-effective ways to attract attention.
  • Brand you information signs: Whether its directing people to the toilets or highlighting a corner of your shop that sells particular products, don’t make your signs generic, add your unique brand to them.
  • Window signs: There are a lot of different options here from the powerful lightbox to removable signage that sticks to the glass and amazing posters.

It’s important to look at all the options when you are considering signage for your business. What sort of emotion does it create? Is it useful? Is it attractive and does it make you stand out from the crowd?

It’s worth reviewing your signage regularly. Check what other shops and bars on the high street are doing with their signs. And don’t be afraid to adapt ideas and make them your own if you see something you like, the team at Technical Signs can make you anything you can imagine!

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