There’s an old saying about only getting one chance to make a first impression and when you have a hotel, the lobby area is often that first impression.  It is the first thing people see when they enter and creates a firm picture in their mind of the business.

Added to that in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel lobby has taken on a new importance, offering important information about Covid secure measures that are in place within the business.  So how can you combine practical benefits with strong design to make a winning first impression?

The Practical Side Of Hotel Lobbies

For starters, the reception area or hotel lobby should be a place where people can instantly find out what they need to know.  This starts with something as simple as the business name, logo and tagline.  It may involve signs to relevant areas or a simple desk system for a reception.  The idea is that people enter and don’t feel baffled as to where to go.

With the coronavirus restrictions and regulations, the lobby also has another job – to tell visitors anything they need to know.  For example, if there are directions to follow to ensure social distancing or rules about wearing masks or gloves, the lobby is the place to add signs explaining this.

Creating That First Impression

When you talk about lovely lobbies, many people will envision hotels which have always been at the forefront of lobby design.  Luxury hotels want people to immediately feel that luxury from the moment they enter and a lot of thought (and money) goes into their design.

But every business can use this as inspiration.  What kind of first impression can your lobby create?  What kind of style does it need to be that tells the visitor about the business in more subtle ways than just with signs and names?

For example, if the business has a big emphasis on sustainability, then using sustainable materials in the lobby is very important.  Having double glazing, insulation and other energy-saving measures will also subtly reinforce that message.

hotel lobbies to impress

More Than An Introduction

In some cases, the lobby is more than just an introduction and a place to direct people to where they need to go.  It can be a whole environment with a café, a gift or other small shop or a range of other features.  While most smaller businesses won’t have space for this kind of thing, it is worth considering that the lobby can do more than say ‘hello’ to visitors.

The lobby can even be the place to start showcasing what you do.  If you sell products, there’s no reason you can’t display some of them in the lobby with signage explaining them.  It is a chance to embed the idea early in the visitor’s mind that this is what you do and why they are in the right place.

Make The Right First Impression

The lobby is a functional space and its importance in disclosing important information such as social distancing guidelines remains the primary use.  But there’s no reason you can’t work on it to create that strong first impression on everyone that visits. Covid signage that blends well with your current branding while ensuring it gives the right information, in the right location is easy with the help of an experienced signage company like Technical Signs.

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