Signage is a great way to get your business noticed and comes in a variety of different forms. Making the right choices is vital and you should be looking for any way to make your premises more visible.

Drive down any street or even a country road and it probably won’t be too long before you see some planted signage.

These are essentially signs that are placed outside or near your business and they can be a great way to attract attention and tell your customers where you are hanging out. If you have a business in the country, for example, planted signage is absolutely essential if your premises are hidden off a side road somewhere.

There are a range of different options when it comes to planted signage. Here are just a few to consider for your business.

Monolith Planted Signage

These are often called headstones because they are relatively large and quite solid. If you pass by a factory, hospital or large business, you will often see a monolith sign outside the premises. They are large slabs that are very visible and can contain a fair amount of information, not just the name of the organisation.

For example, not only can you put your company name on a monolith, you could easily add other information such as directions and even opening times. You can also include illumination so that the signage shows up at night.

Monoliths come in a variety of different materials including brushed steel, wood and acrylic. They are not just suitable for big businesses, however, and are ideal if you have an office or commercial location that is a little off the beaten track. They can also be any size from relatively small to extremely large. You often see huge monoliths outside retail areas listing all the different shops.

Post and Plate

This is what we more often think of when someone mentions planted signage. It comprises one or two posts with a plate at the top which has the name of your message. These are a simple option for smaller business and are often seen on lawns and at the roadside. They generally take up less space and can be positioned almost anywhere.

As with any signage, it’s relatively simple to create bespoke designs to help your business stand out. You can easily include your own branding and even fit more than one plate to the design so that you are able to add extra information.

If you are looking for a more traditional look, you might opt for single post signs that have the plate attached to the right or left edge. You generally see these kinds of signs near places like farm shops, National Trust and acting as directional signage in the country and in towns and cities.

Investing in planted signage should ensure that your business location is more visible and help you stand out from the crowd. If your property is less visible, it’s also vital to have the right signage out front that people can see.

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