With the start of a new year its natural to begin thinking of renewal and fresh starts, the same thinking can be applied when thinking about the state of your business particularly the signage you have chosen to advertise that business.

So why would you want to? Simple really, variety is engaging.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or what type of customers you wish to attract adjusting your signage occasionally will draw their attention and if done right will intrigue them into seeing what else has changed with your business.

But be careful you don’t change your signage simply for the sake of changing it.  Periodically or seasonally review the state of your business and how your current signage will support your plans for the coming quarter, year or business plan length. Consider your reasons for making a change and then refer to your current company goals, look at the products you wish to emphasis or any new services you’ve decided to employ and try to incorporate those plans into the new signage you want to get.

Why Use Signage?

There are many types of signage your can employee for your brand, each business will need to consider which is the best for the unique message that business wants to tell, but here are some types to think about.

  • Outdoor signage is always a good idea for a business with a physical store. It’s a classic to attract the attention of passersby and it’s the form of signage that people are the most accustomed to.
  • Information signage, otherwise known as departmental, directional or wayfinding signage is designed to help with customers navigation, helping them conveniently find what they are looking for and increase the chances they will make a purchase.
  • Persuasive signage is for influencing a customer’s decision process. It should have convincing language, attractive imagery and should draw the attention to the products you want highlighted.

Signage Trends

Green Signs – The environment is at the forefront of many minds and having signage that either compliments your company image as green thinking company by using recycled materials or sustainable materials is important. Signs which have space to highlight your green credentials is also a growing trend as are growing signs! Have you considered having plants or moss growing in your signage, the popularity of plants and feature items like living walls make this a trend to watch for 2020.

LED Inclusion – With technology changing rapidly the options for advertising have increased immensely.  Signage with lighting has existed for a while but with LED’s becoming more available you have the option of customizing your signage lighting to exactly what you want to match your brand, thereby making sure yours stands out from the crowded high street on winter evenings.

Neon Signs – While not a new trend, neon shows no sign of slowing, with fake neon giving real neon a run for its money in company signage.

Shadow Signs – Signs designed to be read only as shadows are complicated to create but beautiful when done well and Technical Signs are experts at creating this effect. Unusual and individual, these types of signs say a lot about your business intent.

Whatever your signage needs for 2020, Technical signs can design, make, manufacture and install exactly what you need to succeed.

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