Time to think of your lighting and illuminated signage with the darker nights coming.

As we start to adjust timers it’s an indication that shorter days are coming and the longer nights of autumn and winter are already drawing in – did we have a summer?

It’s a task we will have to repeat again in a few weeks as darkness encroaches on normal trading hours, it reminds us that this is the ideal time for our clients with street presence to take a look at their properties from the outside.

  • Are they fit for night time?
  • Are all the existing lights and sign elements working properly?
  • Does it need something extra to make the premises stand out?
  • Do you actually need to revamp your image?
  • Are you ready for winter and giving the right impression to customers?

It’s relatively easy to check your property if you are a sole trader or in a single location, but what if you have a chain of restaurants, stores or hotels? Do you rely on your staff or managers to report issues and then, do they have the right vision of what is right for your business?

This is where Technical Signs is helping many dynamic companies move forward, making impact on the street and helping keep footfall by conducting surveys and repairs on their exterior signage.

We offer a range of maintenance contracts that start with regular cleaning, fault finding and reporting, on-site repairs; right the way through to managed service schedules to make sure your signs and lighting systems are always in the best possible condition.

This service provides peace of mind and we have many happy customers who will vouch for the standards we strive to maintain. It also relieves your management team, giving them time to concentrate on what they do best – run your business and look after customers.

Get in touch with us today and we can easily discuss your particular situation and propose some of the options available, from a simple site visit to a structured maintenance regime.  

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