If you are running a business that is trying to attract customers to invest in its products or services, it is likely that your premises will use some form of signage to help to achieve this. Your business signage is likely to be the primary visual advertisement for what your organisation has to offer and considerable thought should normally go into the type of signage that you employ.

One of the factors that is often given a substantial amount of thought is the colour of the signage and whether there are any colours that might be considered to be the “best” to consider when you are creating your signage. The answer to that question is not as simple as it may appear at first glance.

The Importance of Colour

It is beyond doubt that different colours can have a different psychological effect on people and this applies as much to signage is it does in every other context. There are certainly some colours that might be more popular than others. One of the problems of concentrating too much on a specific colour – which might be your personal favourite – is that almost everyone has a favourite colour and theirs may not be the same as yours! In the context of signage, therefore, the important issue is not what the best colour is for you. It is what is most likely to attract your customers to your products and services.

Choosing the right colour for your business

Although there are no “best” colours in a general sense, there are certainly likely to be colours that best suit your individual business. You and your sign maker should work closely together to identify the colours and shades that are likely to be most closely aligned with your organisation’s theme. If you are looking for colours that engender a feeling of relaxation and comfort, warmer colours, like reds, oranges and yellows are likely to create the required reaction. If you want your signage to create a bold and unequivocal message to your customers or to represent the characteristic of a modern, contemporary product, brighter, more electric colours and shades may be more appropriate.

Another matter that will need to be considered is the combination of colours that you employ in the signage that you create. Choosing the correct contrast between the background colour and the colour of your text and/or graphic is equally crucial to the quality of the message that your signage sends out. Finally, the quality and clarity of the signage text will also form an important part of the overall effect and will add to the likelihood that viewers will be attracted by and drawn to your signage.

Colour selection is all important in the creation of your business signage. However, as we hope we have demonstrated, the key question should always be, “What is the best colour for showcasing my products and services?” Your brand is important and Technical Signs can create bespoke signage that makes your brand and your business stand out from the crowd. Talk to us today about your requirements.

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