You might think that the only sign you need is the one above your restaurant door. Ideally, this has to be bright and impactful, something that will get customers coming through the door anytime, night or day. While this is important, of course, there are other plenty of other signs that you might want for your restaurant which are going to be just as useful.

Whether you go for standard designs or want to create new signs to reflect your individual brand, Technical Signs can design and manufacture any type of sign you require – here are just a few you might like to include.

Wait to Be Seated

If your restaurant is a little more sophisticated than most or you are a particularly busy establishment, it always pays to have a ‘wait to be seated’ sign up near the entrance. This can stop people rushing to a table and taking it over before you’ve had a chance to organise things.

Order at the Bar

Many restaurants nowadays have bar orders rather than waiter service because it cuts down on the cost. You need to have a clear sign up asking them to order at the bar if you don’t want people sitting around waiting to be served and getting frustrated when they think they’re being ignored.

A Sign for Your Menu

Restaurants generally have a set menu and putting one up outside your restaurant gives potential customers the chance to take a look and see what you have to offer without coming inside. This is great for catching passing trade, especially in areas like holiday resorts where regular customers are boosted by visiting tourists.

Toilet Signage

This is always particularly important in any restaurant or bar. Some people don’t like to ask where the toilet is, particularly in the UK, so make sure that you have signs up that clearly show where they can go to ‘freshen up’.

Directional Signs

For bigger restaurants, a few directional signs don’t go amiss either and can stop customers wandering around trying to find your amenities and disrupting other diners. It also takes the pressure off your waiting staff who won’t be stopped and asked for directions.

Opening Hours

Along with the menu sign out front, you also need one that shows your opening times. This is a good one to include if you don’t open every day or night, perhaps closing on Mondays, for example. Some restaurants operate in seasonal areas and will change their opening hours depending on the time of year.

Instruction Signs

There’s room for instruction signs in any restaurant. You might like to gently encourage your patrons to wash their hands when they’ve visited the restroom, for instance. You may want to include safety instructions in the kitchen or behind the bar along with emergency numbers.

Street Signs

Many restaurants have portable signs they put out onto the street to attract passing trade. This can be particularly useful if you have a restaurant that is slightly off the beaten track or you want to highlight a special offer on your menu.

Theme Night Signs

Other restaurants will theme certain nights to bring in extra trade during quiet times. Advertising these is always a good idea and a sign for your Monday curry night or Chinese buffet may well bring in extra trade during these periods.

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