Standing out from the crowd is important for every business. When you’re on the high street, creating that big impact is not just about boosting your reputation.

While many pubs depend on being ‘the local’ that everyone wants to have a drink at, attracting new customers is also vital for trade. That’s where the design and look of the pub comes in and will make a difference. There is no doubt that great signage will get your pub noticed. Whether you’re in a seaside resort, a sleepy village or a busy city or town, getting it right can make have a big impact.

Signage Improves Footfall

An attractive front of house is imperative to any pub or bar that wants to attract a decent amount of footfall. New customers are more likely to choose a place they find engaging from the outside – after all, it’s the first thing they see.

Signage starts with the pub name but doesn’t have to end there. It can be incorporated to highlight special events, what sort of food you use and even whether you’re open or not. You can have traditional signs, neon ones which light up the night and funky designs that catch the eye.

Get Online Reviews and Great Selfies

One place where people really like to take selfies is at the pub. Not only do these free advertisements for your establishment get posted to friends and family via text, they can also end up on social media. Making sure your signage is attractive and clear means that you have more chance of showing up in posts and attracting even more attention. That’s a bunch of free advertising you should be trying to encourage.

Good Signage Leads to Better Profit

Clean, clear signage also says something about your brand. It engenders a certain amount of trust, even if a passer-by hasn’t visited before. It’s not just the outside that can benefit from great signage, however. Interior signs can point to great offers, new specials and upcoming events. All these combined should improve footfall to your pub and make it more profitable over the long term.

Different Kinds of Pub Signs

Have a wander around the bars and restaurants near your own pub and you’ll see a big variation in the way that signage is used. There may be traditional, bottom lit signs above doors, neon signs that pulse out during the night, informative signs which tell people what’s on offer and persuasive signs that try to entice you through the door.

Is It Time to Review Your Pub Signage?

We can often forget about the signage that we use in our place of business. It’s always there and we get used to it. If you haven’t done it for a while, however, take a step back and try to see things from a new customer’s point of view.

Stand outside your pub and take a good, hard look at your signage. Is it attractive? Does it look appealing? If you were new to the area, would you feel drawn towards the door? Then have a look at all your interior signage and ask whether it is fulfilling the right purpose.

Refreshing your signage and updating things can almost certainly improve the visibility of your pub and create more curb side appeal. If you’d like to find out how working with a professional signage company can help, contact us today.

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