Reception areas are places to meet, greet and hold guests, they also often make the first physical impression of your place of business and you want it to be a good one. Whether the reception area is in a hotel, office building, or any other commercial space the no location makes as much of a statement about your business as this area.

It’s where customers and clients are met for the first time. The service they get here, the influence of the interior design in this area, work together to form an immediate opinion of your business.

This applies whether it’s an office reception or a hotel lobby. If you want to give your customers that special wow factor, here are our top tips:

Getting the Basics Right

The reception desk should not be an island on its own, a standing sentinel where guest fear to approach, it should be welcoming and inviting. You want your guest to approach and be dealt with well and a low open desk can really make a difference.

Clients or guests will often need to wait for someone to collect them. There is no doubt that comfortable, clean looking seats should be considered carefully. If you want to include some avant-garde or wow furniture in your reception then go for it, but perhaps be sure to add in some normal seating too.

Depending on the size and layout of the reception area include low tables with appropriate magazines or a TV, or perhaps include a coffee machine or a water fountain. What facilities you include here will completely depend on the use this area will be put to and the length of time someone will be there.

Branded Signage

The reception is often the first place that people start to get a really close look at your branding and get a feel for your business. Investing in signage that matches with your brochure and online brand is probably more important here than anywhere else. That doesn’t just mean the signs saying ‘reception’ and the logo of your company but other signage such as notices for the toilets. Bespoke signage that really reflects the location and the feel of your company will do a lot to making the right impression.

Adding the WOW!

Receptions don’t have to be boring so look at the space you have and be creative about what message you want to convey. Even the most serious businesses can have unusual art or lighting installations in a reception area so this is the place to explore a little creativity. If you have high our double, even triple, height ceilings then consider a bespoke light fixture. It can be any shape or size that fits the space, beautiful lighting hanging high will be a real wow moment for customers coming in.

Huge oversized artworks, controversial artworks or art created just for you based on your company mission or logo will can make a real impact. Consider creating art with neon, or faux neon. Architectural metalwork and other sculptural or 3D elements can be included based on your brand to showcase what your business is all about.

Creative Signage for your Space

It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere for your clients and guests. You want them to feel at home and you want them in particular to like your business whether it’s a company in the heart of the city or a hotel out on the coast.

If you’re looking to create a brand-new reception for your business, looking at it from the customers point of view will help you visualise your ideal design better. The team at technical signs can take your ideas, drawings or designs and create signage, lighting or metalwork that is completely unique to your business and the space it inhabits so contact them today to start the process.

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