In 2020 many business owners discovered that Hoarding is not just about concealing unsightly areas where construction is going on. They can act as an extra level of security but, perhaps more importantly, they can also be used to raise the profile of your brand, market to customers AND create a sense of anticipation.

Throughout the lockdowns of the last year, businesses have had to get creative when it comes to marketing. The majority of those who shut their doors during this time used Hoarding around their place of work. Why? To continue advertising their business to the world. Hoardings have always worked a treat – not just during lockdowns, but in day to day life…

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What is Hoarding?

Let’s get down to the basics; what is Hoarding? Hoarding is a temporary fence constructed around a building site or a new store. The outer facing boards often feature advertisements. This is a large-scale marketing opportunity and a popular one at that! You may notice when driving down the street that these signs are everywhere, around restaurants, pubs, or bars while closed or under construction.

Benefits Of Hoarding

Taking over new premises or refurbing your current building is an exciting process for the business. However, we see so many companies out there not making the most of this huge marketing opportunity, or who don’t realise that there even is one to begin with! It’s a great way to get your customers excited by announcing the refurbishment of your restaurant or your opening of a new hotel – all while building work is underway.

Aside from the hospitality industry, we also work with estate management companies and shopping center owners to make the best of their vacant units. Blending them with community artwork projects or complimentary promotions to other facilities available within the area – bringing public information services and a better customer experience, while brightening up the retail landscape.

Technical Signs are able to offer Hoardings to compliment your branding in the weeks ahead of the opening, making passers-by aware of what is coming soon. Are you taking advantage of this great marketing resource?

Desgin Tips & Tricks

Your Brand Story

Customer traffic coming past your building are not often looking around, but down – at the pavement or more often their phones. What does this mean? You have to grab their attention!

If you’re putting up a Hoarding, you need something that is going to grab the attention and connect with the customer. Luckily by nature Hoardings are pretty large, so you have plenty of room to create a memorable message, whether that be one big sign with your business name or logo printed on it is, or even better, a little about who you are and what you do – your brand story.

How about telling a story of what is coming and the benefits to the area, what products or services are you offering?

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

When it comes to marketing and advertising, images are a MUST. Passing customers have limited time to consider or work out what you are trying to say. Images that are easy to ready, evoke an emotion or a response are ideal for the job.

Remember, you want your Hoarding to stand out to everyone – to those walking on the pavement, driving in their cars, even the people eating in the restaurant opposite! Consider using colour alongside your images to attract attention, even at a distance.

Push The Boundaries

Your Hoarding should always be relevant to your business and reflect your branding. If it’s within your boundaries (or even a little outside of them) you could play with something a little bit different. We have had the joy of creating living walls with plants incorporated, 3D designs, and even digital ones.

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In a world where sustainability is becoming a need, not just a want, reusability is a plus. You could achieve this by simply reusing your Hoarding for a different site at a different time. Alternatively, you could recycle it by dismantling pieces and rebuilding them for another project. It also ensures you get the best value for money as possible!

Need to find your Hoarding inspiration? Check out our portfolio here.

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