With the night drawing in and Christmas just around the corner, adding some light to your signage can make a big difference to your visibility on the high street and we could all probably do with a little extra sparkle this year! Check out these 6 sign types…

The great news is that there are some cost-effective and attractive ways to illuminate your business.

  1. Bulb Letters

The first of the six sign types is bulb letters. You might still associate bulb letters with fairgrounds… But they are an excellent and unique way to make your business stand out against the competition. Bulbs can be any size or colour which gives you plenty of scope to create a bespoke design for your business.

Bulb letters work particularly well for themed locations such as bars and restaurants. This style of sign has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The latest LED bulbs also mean that you can have an amazing display that doesn’t cost you too much in electricity bills. See our bulb letter options here. And check out our Pinterest inspiration here.


  1. Neon Signs

Neon signage is a great way to make a statement about your business and can be tailored to reflect your brand. If you are looking to increase footfall into your store, EG, neon signage both indoors and outdoors looks professional. Pinterest inspiration here!

With excellent design freedom and an amazing range of colours, neon is also the perfect night-time signage for bars and restaurants, see some options here.


  1. Faux Neon Signs

In more recent times, businesses have been opting for faux neon signs. Instead of neon, these use low-power LED making them cheaper to run. They still look just as fantastic. You get greater design choices than with traditional neon making them excellent for exteriors and interiors.

Faux neon signs can be produced as fixed designs or ones made with flexible tubing which can be manipulated into a required shape.  See some Faux Neon Signs we have created here.


  1. Lightboxes

Lightboxes have become increasingly popular for advertising and retail units. But they can be used for any kind of high street business. They hold promotional posters and branded designs that certainly stand out at night.

The big benefit is that you can dictate what you put into your lightbox whether it’s your latest sale promotion or your restaurant menu. With LED lighting, they are just as cheap to run like any other illuminated signage. See how lightboxes can be used here.

  1. Illuminated Menus

With the lockdown having such a big effect on restaurants and bars, standing out on the high street is essential. Illuminated menus are a great way for people passing by to see what you have on offer without having to step inside.

If you’re now offering takeaway meals to keep going during the pandemic, this is a cost-effective and simple way to attract new customers. Get menu board inspiration here.


  1. Outdoor Illuminated Signs

The last of the sign types are outdoor illuminated signs! There are a wide variety of outdoor illuminated signs that can really help shine a light on your business. It’s difficult standing out from the crowd on the high street… Including some form of lit signage whether it’s above the door or out on the street certainly makes sense.

Outdoor illuminated signs need to be more robust than indoor ones because of the weather but a small investment here can deliver a great return if you get your branding and design choice right.

Whatever you need for your business to make you shine, stand out from the crowd, and make sure your customers notice you, Technical Signs can design, manufacture, and install anything you need!

If you’re after a little more sparkly inspiration, check out our Pinterest Boards, Creative Lighting.

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