Setting up any bar is a challenge, whether it’s a completely new concept or an expansion to a new location for an existing brand. There’s location and design to consider, just for a start.

While you may have nailed down all this, one thing that is certainly going to have an impact on your future success is the lighting and signage you choose.

It’s something that bar owners understandably spend a lot of time on, often working with professional signage and lighting companies to get things just right.

Lighting Creates Ambience

From the front of bar design to the interior, choosing lighting and signage is all about creating ambience and attracting customers into your business. If you’re on a street with many other bars and restaurants, all vying for people’s attention, then it becomes even more important.

Some businesses will go for stylish signs over the door with lighting underneath. Others may opt for funky neon signage. There’s also the option to use back lit signs on large windows. A lot, of course, will depend on what sort of customer you are looking to attract but creativity is certainly a key factor.

Good Signage Informs Customers

It’s not just outside that great signage can make a big difference. Most business advice nowadays is to have all your signage and lighting tied to your brand. You want there to be a good deal of continuity across the bar, whether you have multiple rooms in one location or just one small, homely pub-style design.

Signage can have a variety of uses in a bar. For example, many pubs that have their own restaurant will have a well-lit special’s boards. There are signs for everything from the cloakroom to the toilets, dining areas and even different bars. Having all these branded in the same way and properly lit is crucial for creating a uniform effect.

Creating Style and Brand Value

Most bars nowadays operate around a clearly defined brand that includes how signage and lighting is presented. It’s important to settle on this as early as possible in the design phase, especially if you’re looking to expand and open new premises later on. Understanding what style you’re trying to create and how this can be easily replicated are important.

Creative use of lighting and signage not only makes your bar more engaging, it lets you stand out from the competition. Moving away from traditional signage to, for instance, the new LED lightboxes that are available nowadays is certainly one option that you might like to consider for your bar.

Getting the Right Signage Advice

There’s a lot to consider if you’re setting up a new bar, particularly in a busy area like a city centre. Getting professional advice and input from signage and lighting experts is always vital if you are trying to make the most of your new venture. Get it right and you create the perfect atmosphere for your customers for a long time to come.

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