When you have business premises, it is really important to show people you are there and what you do.  That is where signage and graphics come in. But as a small or medium business, you don’t want to spend a fortune on the wrong types of signs.

Here are some signage tips for SME’s on getting the right signs for your business.

Planning and Budgeting

The first of our signage tips: Planning. Planning the signs for your business is something to do as soon as you know you will have a physical presence for your company.  That is because it can take time to manufacture and install the signage and you have to add some design time too. To avoid a sign-less property, start this side of things early. That of course does not mean that an experienced signage company like Technical Signs can’t turn a project around quickly, but the more complex the sign, the more time it will take to create.

Signs are a business investment and therefore you need to set a realistic budget.  Shop around for the price but don’t be tempted by the cheapest one – you want to invest in something that’s going to look top quality and last a long time.

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Consistency of Branding

When it comes to creating your sign, you need to know your branding to create a consistent look.  The idea is that your sign should tie in with other elements such as your logo, a colour palette, graphics you are using on printed materials and signs inside the business.

This helps people to instantly recognise your business and can also be used if you have an online presence.  The sign does not need to be your logo but should have some similarity to it.  A good sign maker will be able to help you with this.

Less is More

A good sign maker will also tell you that you don’t need to cram tons of information into main signage.  Less is more definitely works in this case!  The idea is to get the name of the business and maybe a simple tagline that tells people what you do.

Don’t try to be cute or clever with this.  Make sure your tagline or additional information on the signs tells people about the business in a clear and easy to understand way.  If someone is not sure what you do, they are less likely to even enter the building.

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Go Further than Your Main Signs

Once you have that main signs, you can start looking at other ways to use the branding you have created to showcase your business.  One idea is with vehicle graphics.  These can carry similar information to the sign or be more of a visual statement – we have all seen those highly coloured Sky vans on the roads!

While your sign is easy to spot during the day, don’t forget to consider night-time visibility and add some kind of lighting to it.  That way, if people are passing even when you are closed, they get to know you are there.

Clever Smart Signage

As a small or medium business, you need to use any facility available to make the most impact.  Your signage is a key part of branding your business property and creating that recognition with your customers.  It can be a base for other branding and signage elements and even things like vehicle graphics.


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