As a start-up, there are a lot of things to consider and many pieces to move into place before you can start trading.  If you have a physical location for your business such as a shop or unit, then one of the most important items you will need is the right signage for the property.

Transforming your new brand into signage that will attract your target customers is what Technical Signs excel at. Here are some reasons why signage is important for your new business.

Why Signage Is Important

For some start-ups, signage might seem like something you can swing back around to later, but it definitely is not. Having the right signs above the door before you open is crucial and those signs will pay for themselves over the time your business operates.

Let’s start with external signs.  The right signs outside your business can:

  • Let people know you are there and start getting business through the door.
  • Recoup the investment by getting walk-ins who see your sign and didn’t otherwise know you were there.
  • Make a positive first impression – 98% of people won’t enter a business if the sign is in disrepair.
  • Start building that brand recognition as people start to remember your sign.

It is clear that signs are an important part of setting up your business and have solid benefits besides simply letting people know you are there.  But where do you start planning your signage?

External & Internal Signs

People think first about the sign above the door and this is important, but it isn’t the only one. But for start-ups, there are a few different signs you should consider.

  • External – main fascia sign, possible illuminated version facing the main street, signs to go on the door or main windows.
  • Internal – wayfinding and direction signs such as toilets or fire exits, reception plaques, wall graphics.

The Signage Process

As experts in sign making, we are in the thick of creating signs for our customers all the time.  So here’s a glimpse at the process we follow to help clients get the perfect signs for their business.

Step 1 – Identify What Signs Are Needed.

Before you start placing any orders, think about what signs you need.  The one above the door is the big one but it won’t be the only one.  Think about internal and external signs that you require.

Step 2 – Plan Your Design.

Here you can work with your sign maker to plan your design, but it is best to have a few fundamentals in place.  One of these is your logo and another is your branding elements.  These help to make a sign that ties in with the rest of your branding.

Step 3 – Finalise And Organise.

Once you have ideas about how your sign should look, you can work with the experts to finalise the design and then organise its installation.  It can take a week or two to create a sign so do this ahead, so it is up in place before your store or unit opens.

Getting The Right Signs

Internal and external signage is an important part of getting your business ready for customers or clients, for all businesses, not just start-ups. They help to make the business give a positive first impression and to mark where you are located as well as giving important information once inside.


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