There are plenty of different choices if you want signage that stands out and makes a big impact. In fact, the only thing that will probably limit you is your own imagination and the signage service you choose.

While you may think of painted or printed boards of text above your shop or office front when signage is mentioned, ideally you want something that really creates an impression. That’s why you should consider architectural signage.

What is Architectural Signage?

More sculpture than signage, architectural approaches create what is, for all intents and purposes, a centrepiece for your business. While you may want it out front above your door, it can also be positioned anywhere, including in the office reception, as a focal point for a restaurant dining area, or as a portal, drawing people into your retail store.

There are some pretty good examples of architectural signage and metalwork in cities around the UK. Head to Manchester and the iconic mashup of The Printworks, Odeon Cinema and Hard Rock Café certainly stand out high above the busy street. Leading restaurant chain Pizza Express uses architectural signage with easily recognisable bronze door handles at front of house, something which brilliantly matches their brand identity.

The Benefits of a Bit of Metalwork

  • Bringing Your Brand to Life: For most businesses, creating a brand identity is vital to growth and bringing customers through the door. Investing your time, energy and money in developing architectural signage can make that brand stick in the mind of every passer by or customer.
  • Creating That Wow Factor: Compared to traditional paint and print signage, metalwork has that X factor which is designed to impress and attract customers to bring them through your door. It creates kudos and helps build your reputation.
  • Setting Yourself Apart From the Competition: With so much marketing and advertising out there, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the rest of your sector or industry. Whether you are trying to beat the local competition or operate nationwide or even globally, architectural signage can make a huge difference.

Designing Your Signage

As with any form of business signage, the planning and thought you put into the design is important. You may well have a logo already and simply want to bring it to life with metalwork. Perhaps you think that, if you’re investing in this kind of signage, it’s a good time to also consider whether rebranding is an option.

There’s no doubt that a lot of work needs to be undertaken if you want to get things right and it pays to take your time and consider all the options. Ideally, you want something that is going to benefit your business, draw more people into your office or store and something that becomes synonymous with your service or product. You also want it to have longevity.

Deciding where the signage is going to be positioned in your business is important too. For example, you might want your name embossed or built into your display areas if you have a store. Considering all the options can be quite challenging once you decide that you’re going to invest in some metalwork to highlight your brand.

Working with an experienced signage company makes sense and can help you reveal what works and what doesn’t. While creating architectural signage requires a good deal of thought and commitment, it can transform your business and set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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