The leisure industry is worth over £117 billion in the UK and is growing quicker than many other sectors. It seems we can’t get enough of going to the gym, taking a dip in the swimming pool, or playing our favourite sport at the leisure centre.

According to research, as consumers, we’re becoming more confident about our leisure time and what we choose to do. We also have higher expectations on what is being delivered. For businesses and organisations such as sports centres, bigger investment by consumers also means greater competition for their time and money.

Great Signage Improves your Business

While you may think the signage for your gym is purely functional, getting a little creative can actually bring more customers through your door. A good sign, in many business areas, is a good investment.

The most important area you will, of course, want to focus on is the front of house and that sign above your door. If you run a spa, for example, the desire to create a sense of wellbeing and relaxation might influence which font you choose and what design works best. Perhaps you own a gym and you want customers or potential customers to feel energised and excited when they look at your signage.

Most businesses look at two types of signage – the branded, messaging signs and those that have a functional purpose such as directing customers to the reception, changing rooms or café and the like. Ensuring that these all reflect your business ethos and work together is actually pretty important, although it’s something that many businesses actually fail to get right.

The good news is that there are plenty of different options for signage that can make a big difference to your leisure business. That includes digital signage which provides a modern and flexible way to get messages across to your customers.

How to be Creative with Your Signage

The first step is to look around and see what you already have. Try to view it all from the customer’s perspective rather than your own.

  • Does it look tired or uninspiring?
  • What are you trying to get across?
  • Does your front of house draw people in or does it look fairly innocuous, almost hidden?
  • And, just as importantly, how does it compare to other shops, businesses or organisations on your street?

The good news is you can do a lot of research yourself online by checking out what similar leisure businesses are doing with their signage.

It’s not just about that sign above the door or what you have on show in your window, you should look at your signage as a whole and consider how these can all be branded in the same way.

Creative doesn’t mean have to mean extravagant or off the wall. What it usually means is being eye-catching in a way that attracts the right customers, the one’s who are more likely to enjoy your services whether you offer a fully equipped gym or a yoga studio.

It helps, of course, to work with a good signage company who have experience of dealing with the leisure industry. Talking your options through with the right team means you can look at everything that’s available and build a portfolio of potential signage that is going to work well for your business.

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