If there’s one thing that can make a big difference to your hotel, bar or restaurant, it’s the signage. Often sitting in the background, it not only helps define your brand and creates a connection with guests and customers but also provides important information to help people navigate your business.

Custom Signage is Key

The important thing to remember about great signage is that it should either sit comfortably with the rest of the hotel interior design or it should be a statement piece all on its own. To ensure you get this great combination to make your hotel signage really sing, working with a signage company that can manufacture everything you could imagine is the key to inspirational interiors in any space.

Whether you need architectural lighting, custom designed large space signs, or simply branded signage for directions within your hotel the team at Technical Signs are ready to deliver your requirements to an exacting standard. Here are some ideas on how to use signage throughout the spaces in any hotel.

What Are Architectural Signs?

Any signage that is separate from the ordinary and defines your brand in some way can be considered ‘architectural’. They’re usually the signs that hotel owners get designed and are tailored to their specific brand.

The most common architectural sign is the one that you have at the front of your hotel – something that is easily recognised by regular guests who know the value your brand offers.

Signs for Specific Areas

These kinds of sign take many forms and can also be tailored to specific sections within your hotel. For example, if you have a spa area that you want to attract people to, you might want this to have its own spin on your brand, something that inspires a sense of health and wellbeing.

The fact that larger hotels have many different areas of interest to customers, including restaurants, bars and conference centres, provides the opportunity to experiment with signage. Neon signs may well work brilliantly if your hotel has a nightclub attached to the premises, for example.

The reception is one space where signage is always important. This is the first-place new guests will congregate and ensuring key areas are highlighted properly is important. That may include directional signs and even digital waystations where people can find out more about what’s on offer.

Signage Placement and Quality

The amount of thought and design you put into your signage will undoubtedly have a direct impact on how guests feel about your business and how they connect to that experience. Your signage can make it simple for people to find their room, the nearest bar or that all important shop or spa facility.

You may need signs that can be changed, for example, with an LED display, particularly if you often run conferences and need flexibility in your messaging.

Where you place your signs and the spaces you use also make a huge difference. Glass panels and windows can be used to create stunning displays. Walls can have digital signage added to them and wall art itself has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Standard Signage Themes

Some signs are going to be standard requirements for all hotels. Directions to floors and facilities room numbers are just a few. You will also have some statutory signage that you need to display in prominent positions such as what to do in the event of a fire and where to congregate.

As a business, you need to look at your hotel signage in a holistic way and understand how it all fits together. You may want to brand specific locations, but you also want to maintain consistency across the premises. There are plenty of different signage products from ingenious bespoke designs to the more generic and focusing on these can make a big difference to how guests see your hotel.

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