If you’re looking to revamp your signage for the New Year or even starting your own business with a bricks and mortar store or office, we take a look at what’s trending over the next 12 months.

Signage has always been important on the high street and to stand out from the crowd you need to make intelligent decisions. Understanding what drives customers to your door is as important as ever.

Here’s our take on what you should be doing in 2019:

Digital Signage

It’s taken a while to take off for some business sectors but digital signage is becoming increasingly popular. It gives your business the opportunity to change content and highlight the latest offers in store. Touch screens are also being used which give customers the chance to find out what they need and even make a purchase rather than looking for traditional wall and ceiling signs. We’re a lot more interactive than we used to be so including at least a little digital signage can make a difference to how your business is perceived.

Wrap Around Signage

It’s not all high tech for 2019, however. Wrap-around signage is a great way to tell the story of your business and engage customers at the same time. These are also called building wraps and they can be used to fill large spaces both inside your business and outside on the wall. Carefully branding and thought provoking messaging will add a new dimension to your business.

The good news is that these can be developed for seasonal promotions or a new product launch at your business and they are really eye-catching. If you’ve got a space in your business that you’ve been thinking about utilising better, a building wrap may well be what you have been looking for.

Branding for Signage

Making sure that your branding runs through your business is also becoming increasingly important. It’s time to get rid of those generic signs and replace them with ones that properly reflect your brand and business. That’s not just outside but inside as well.

Street Signage is Back

Getting noticed on the high street is becoming increasingly competitive so standing out is another vital component of branding. Street signage is used widely for bars and restaurants but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be used for your business. Whether you are a solicitor, dentist or insurance company, putting out a street sign with your latest promotion or service offer can help draw more people through the door.

Social Media Signage

Some businesses are still lagging behind connecting their physical signage with the digital world. If you can convince people to follow you on social media, you can create a higher level of engagement. This New Year, make sure you have at least one piece of signage which tells customers where to find you on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Taking Signage Seriously

In 2019, it pays to be flexible in your approach to signage. Most simply have a sign created, stick it up and forget about it. Few go back to review how a sign is performing and whether it’s fulfilling its purpose in life.

Understanding how your business looks to people who pass it on the high street is becoming increasingly important and having a plan to change things up could help you stand out even more.

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