There are many reasons why a company may want to completely rebrand their image. Whatever the reason is it can be an exciting time to refocus the company in a new direction with a new image but there is also a lot of elements to a rebrand to ensure it is done correctly and does not hurt the image of the brand itself.

One of the biggest elements to get right when considering a rebrand is the signage. Signage is the visual representation of the brand and as such the timing of the install along with the quality, finish and design of the signage is incredibly important. It is the first and last impression a customer has of the business and so should be at the forefront of any rebranding process.

Reasons for a Rebrand

A rebrand is a big undertaking for any company and there are a variety of reasons that a brand would wish to do this – here are the most common reasons:

  • The company is going in a new direction – if the business model has changed even slightly, the branding may no longer reflect the brand values and offering of the company so a rebrand is needed.
  • The business is sold – If a new owner comes into the business then they may want to make their own mark on the business and change the branding and even sometimes the name of the business to reflect their new ownership.
  • Update old branding – Often the reason for a rebrand is simply that the old banding needs a refresh. A company may have had the same logo and branding for 20 or so years and now needs a new look to represent their place in the more modern marketplace.
Successful Rebrand Advice

When you are looking for a nee brand for your company ensure you get the input and advice of a graphic designer as they will be able to translate what you are looking for into a design you can use on a range of materials within your business, including the signage. Getting advice from expert across the board is  good general advice, from printers to signage experts, these specialist will be able to take the graphic elements of your new brand and make it work on the different mediums you will need to restock your branded items across your business.

Here are some more tips on getting the rebrand right:

Be organised – If you want to change your branding all in one go you will have to coordinate carefully with all your suppliers to ensure there is a smooth transition between the old and new. Make sure you have all your printed materials in place before booking a refit of your premises or a refreshed shop fascia with your new branded signs.

Get your staff on board – Your rebrand will go much more smoothly if your staff fully engage with the process, get the input and advice on what they think will work and ask how they would like their new branded uniforms to look. Get your staff behind you!

Ensure your Signage is Perfect – Brand identity is everything and the most visual aspect of your business is the signage. Great branded signage throughout your business will leave customers in no doubt that the brand has changed. The experts at Technical Signs can advice on all your signage needs and how to make your new brand identity really shine.

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