Holidays throughout the year give businesses great scope to market their products and services to new customers or new products to existing customers. Halloween has a huge amount of scope for businesses across the UK to tap into to increase their revenues, sales or engagements every 31st October!

Here are some great ideas on how to capitalise on the Halloween Holiday for your business:

Create Halloween Products

Even if your business does not sell traditional Halloween products that does not mean you have to miss out! Any product or service can have a Halloween spin, for fun or to get some marketing attention or to sell products. If you sell food have a Halloween themed menu, spooky burgers, vampire coffees or Halloween designed cupcakes can all be themed for this spooky holiday.

Signage to Promote your Offers

You may have the best Halloween offers in the world but if no one is going to see them then you won’t be able to capitalise on them. Perhaps consider investing in some Halloween specific signage that you can bring out every year and simply change the Halloween offerings. If you are a bar or restaurant consider some wall signs for a Halloween menu, or an A board to promote Halloween cocktails or to promote a Halloween party. For retail offerings ensure you have some great signs and decorations in your windows to promote the spooky season!

Go All Out & Party

If you are a bar, club or event space and you really want to go all out for the party season and change your venue from a bar to a graveyard or a club to a Victorian Vampire Boudoir then you will need the team at Technical Signs to make bespoke items for you space – as the team can design and manufacture pretty much anything, just let them know your ideas and they can really bring them to life.

Attract Customers & Footfall

Use your business premises to attract extra customers by offering on premises events to bring people in, a Halloween themed scavenger hunt, where people can win a trick or a treat – perhaps a discount code or a silly joke at the end of the hunt. You could also offer a costume competition or offering Halloween themed tutorials like how to put on spooky make up or how to carve a pumpkin. Whatever seems to link in best with your business will work well for you.

Evergreen Content

Because Halloween happens every year, the photographs you take, props or signage that you have made will also be able to be used the following year making investing in Halloween a great idea. Using the photos from the last Halloween will help you promote your next Halloween event and make the next one even better!

If you are unsure about how to create special signage or commercial interiors for Halloween then don’t hesitate to discuss what is possible with the team at Technical Signs, they can advise you on your ideas and how to make it work for your business.

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