The botanicals trend appeared a few years ago and it just doesn’t want to go away – and that’s not a bad thing.  Whether it is the growing awareness of the benefits of green living, the desire to bring the natural world into the home or simply a love of those greens and browns, botanicals look here to stay.  But how can you include this trend in your commercial interior?

Large plants

One of the things with commercial spaces is that they are generally larger than a living room or a bedroom at home.  This means you can really embrace one of the core elements of the botanicals trend – the live plant.  And you can go big!

Look for a plant that is easy to care for and doesn’t need lots of work or attention but that will also look stunning and help clean the air in the building.  If you really want to embrace the idea, you can go with something like a living wall or even a small water feature with real plants – although this will take more maintenance.

Small plants

For smaller spaces or those who simply don’t want the big feature plant, smaller plants can be added around the space.  This brings the benefits of live plants, takes minimal maintenance and can even give staff their own little project – a plant to care for in their working space!  And for minimal effort plants, look at things like aloe vera and other low water requiring plants.


With commercial space, paint is often the most practical option to cover large walls but there’s no reason you can include some botanical wallpaper on a section of a wall to make a feature.  These natural pattern papers look stunning and can be paired with real plants, wood furniture and other natural features to create a ‘green’ corner of the building.

Botanical accessories

There are lots of ways to bring botanical accessories into a commercial space.  Think about those bland, beige sofas in reception – wouldn’t they look much better with some bright green, leaf pattern cushions on them?  Soft furnishings are a perfect example that is featured in many business properties and often cry out for some accents to make them more of an interesting feature.  So this is often a great way to add botanicals.

Colour coordinating

While colours in a business property are often about the branding and the colours in that, there’s no reason you can add some coordinating natural shades in there to highlight your branding colours.  Green, for example, comes in many shades and works with almost any colour palette.  It can often soften branding colours and make the whole office seem a little more natural and a little less corporate.  And for more industrial types of business, the use of natural colours helps to offset all that equipment.

A fun and stunning trend

Botanicals are both a fun and stunning trend, allowing you to bring natural looks and textures as well as real plants into a space.  And it is one that works really well for commercial interiors of all kinds.

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