Ever since Google HQ introduced bean bags and slides into their offices, many of the world’s most creative businesses have been introducing more and more ways to engage their employees by having wacky and unusual spaces for them to work in.

Most businesses want to stand out, want to be unique so creating an unusual office is definitely one way of doing that. If you have the imagination to visualise an amazing space, then all you need are the people with the tools to make it happen. Fortunately, the team at Technical signs have been creating signage, light installations and architectural metal work for years, for some of the UK and the words best loved brands so whatever you want to create, talk to them to make it a reality.

Here are some of the best and most daring office spaces from across the world to inspire you own space:


A former bank building with a nod to the buildings heritage as the computer server is held in the old bank vault. This place is filled with whimsy and has a very steampunk flavour with its communal workspace and custom-built desks. Dotted around the workspace are curios form different eras in history to inspire the work that happens there.

The Barbarian Group

The Barbarian Group’s communal desk is an extraordinary piece of architecture as it weaves around the whole floor and curves in some places high enough to hit the ceiling and provide cosy nooks underneath where meetings and gatherings can be held. The desk totals a whopping 4400 square foot!


Canadian retail platform Shopify has themed each of the six floors in its Ottowa office space. You will find a library, scandi sauna and Canadiana. A quirky space for a company that prides itself on offering alternatives.


Light and airy with space to relax, AirBnB has created what are essentially neighbourhoods within their corporate office in San Francisco and the faux grass and project rooms are a welcome break form a standard office and people are free to change the décor of a space if they feel like it.

Mind Candy

If you have ever wanted to work in a treehouse then get a job at Mind Candy as their meeting room is nested within one. Other quirky features include vines hanging from the ceiling, gingerbread houses and a Helter Skelter slide.

While these offices are for large multinationals with a quirky edge they do demonstrate just how creative you can be within a normal four walled office space if you really want to be. Technical Signs have extensive experience in working with clients directly or with commercial interior designers to create the signs, lighting and architectural metalwork you need to make your commercial space as amazing as your business.

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