For many businesses, the Christmas period is one of the most important ones.  Customers are shopping in higher numbers than at any time of the year.  That means your shop can potentially see huge profits, but you need to still work to attract those customers.

Christmas signage is a key part of your Christmas sales approach and here are some expert tips on how to do it.

Christmas signage basics

The basics of Christmas signage are actually quite simple to other types of signage – you want to capture the eye of the passing shopper while ensuring the signage is in keeping with the rest of your branding. You also want to ensure that any imagery is an accurate representation of what’s in store – there’s nothing more disappointing than misleading advertising!

A key way to do this is to create a theme that includes a colour commonly seen around the store and use this for all the Christmas signage.  This creates a theme and a harmonious look and feels to all of your signage and branding.

Tips for the best Christmas signage

Deciding on your approach for Christmas signage is just the first part of the process.  You now need to refine the process to ensure your graphics have the maximum impact.

  1. Keep it at eye level

When you are making signage for a shop window, always ensure it is placed at eye level – and that’s from the street outside.  It is easy to forget that the outside of your shop may be lower or higher than inside!  Placing it at eye level makes it more noticeable and means people are more likely to stop and look at it.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use Christmas traditions

There’s nothing wrong with using some Christmas traditions in your signage, especially if they are relevant for your store.  A Christmas bauble, a tree, some holly, a wreath, these are all good images to include and won’t look out of place for almost any type of store.

  1. Don’t get too excited and clutter the window

It is tempting to go for the completely full, extremely busy window signage that will attract people’s eye.  But this often doesn’t work.  Because it is too busy and too full, people miss the point of it, admire the pretty images and keep walking.  Less is more definitely applies with signage.

The Christmas lights question

With all those fairy lights on sale, another common question is whether to add some around your signage to add extra sparkle.  Small twinkling Christmas lights can add a great emphasis to your signage and are also relatively easy to work with.  You can even go for coloured or flashing versions as these will attract the eye.

If you want to stand out from the crowd consider using an unusual material to get your Christmas message across, perhaps a neon Christmas tree in the window would stop passers by and turn them into customers? Whatever you need Technical Signs can manufacture to your exact specifications to capture the essence of your festive offering.

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