Signage has never been more important, it can be used in commercial spaces for a variety of reasons, to inform, educate, lead or question! Setting the scene and creating useful and well-designed spaces for your customers to use is a key element of designing the interior of any commercial space. Visual cues and journeys are important in a range of commercial settings and whatever it is you need the team at Technical Signs has the expertise to deliver it exactly.

Creating a Retail Journey

Large department stores have a range of tricks and tips to get customers moving through their stores to create maximum sales potential. This can include the carpeting, zoning, and display placement, encouraging customers to discover add-on’s in the payment area or purchase more by offering deals and discounts is all helped by great informative signage. While the store itself maybe fixed, signage can be installed quickly enabling stores to maximise on the changes in the seasons or stock. One of the most important signs in a retail environment is instructions to the customer on where to pay. Large and illuminated once the customer has reached the end of their journey through your store the last thing you want is for them to leave before purchase because they can’t find the till!

Customer Journey in a Bar or Restaurant

There are customer journeys in every commercial space, and this includes less obvious ones like restaurants or bars. One of the most common questions asked, is which way to the loo? Not being able to find the facilities causes frustration with customers and adds extra duties and time spent for staff, to answer the question. Other signage that can help customers find everything they need is menu boards, order here, or wait here to be seated. If a customer comes into your establishment for the first time, they will not know what you expect of them and so signage becomes an easy way to welcome them in and get them settled so your staff have more time to serve.

Visitor Journey Signage in an Office

Office buildings offer a different type of challenge when it comes to creating a great customer journey through the building. If it is an office with multiple occupants or has lots of departments then a large entrance way or reception area will be required as the first port of call for any visitors. Welcoming and informative reception signage is essential to create a streamlined pathway for both regular and one-time visitors, this is especially important if it is a very busy office with lots of people moving around. Department signage, facility signage and information points are key to helping all visitors find where they need to be as quickly and easily as possible.

Clear Commercial Signage

Signage in any environment is important it needs to be clear and defined but it also has to be visually engaging and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Technical signs has all the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture any sign from your designs and we can help ensure a customer journey in any environment is crisp and easy to follow creating the best flow possible in your commercial space.

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