From restaurants to retail shops and every type of business with a frontage in-between, how you look to customers has never been so important. The interior and exterior of your commercial property speaks volumes about your business and the way you approach your customers and your products.

Bespoke Signage

Get Noticed for the right reasons

The front of your premises should reflect who you are and what your business stands for. You do not want to be noticed for the wrong reasons, peeling outdoor paint, and old or incorrect signage is not going to make anyone come inside your premises to see what you are offering. Whether that is a whole new look for your fascia, updates to your menu’s, a change to you’re A-boards, new vinyl wraps across your premises or even a cool new projection sign with LED elements to really get you noticed!

Fashions Change – Update Your Look

If you have been in business for a while in the same location then you are obviously doing something right, but even the best of products or services can look old, stale and out of touch if your image is never updated or refreshed. Just as fashions change so should your signage and branding, whether it is just a repaint of traditional signwriting on the exterior of your property to make it look sharp and new again, or a tweak to your branding with a complete rework of your look to match, your customers will notice that you are keeping up to date and refreshing your look.

Welcome people in, don’t turn them off

Whether it is just a simple paint job in your lobby, or a complete rebrand of your business and premises you need to ensure the first impression people have of your business is the right one. Shabby carpeting, old fashioned blinds and a pile of wilting magazines in the corner of your waiting room just won’t cut it in today’s Instagram inspired world. Ensure your paint job is sharp, your signage is reflective of your business ethos and easy to read. If your brand is hip then be hip – go for it with a unique look. Similarly, if it is a professional look you want then ensure that, that is conveyed to your clients and customers with the look and feel of your sleek and clean interior space.

Light up your business

If your business is in a high evening footfall area, then make sure that you get some lights to showcase who you are – even if you are not open in the evening. Well-lit signage will make you stand out from the competition on a crowded high street and make sure people remember not only who you are, but where you are.

Change is an opportunity

If you are changing something about your business, for example merging with another company, moving premises or trying something radically different to what you have been doing before then taking some time to consider how your business is presented is a great idea. This may mean a complete rebrand, even the renaming of your company or just a refresh of the signage that you use, or the way you present your premises to the world. Whatever the change, remember change is an opportunity to take a critical look at where you are and improve if required.

Great signage is easy

Hiring an expert signage company like Technical Signs, who can advise you on all your different options to get your commercial signage looking at its best again is easy. As they design, manufacture and install commercial signage across the UK and beyond they can create exactly what you need to refresh your business signage.

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