Past are the days when Neon Signs were only for the Las Vegas Strip, Nightclubs, and open signs for local barber shops. Today Neon is the new way to create funky commercial interiors and external signage to boot.

Custom Neon Signs

Neon is Art

Modern neon creations are much more about the artistic application than simply directional instructions or bright shining words. Even plain fonts in neon have a much bigger impact in a commercial space that other forms of signage, and as neon is having something of a resurgence in style, your commercial interior will feel funky too.

Neon as art is becoming not only more widely used in the commercial sector but also in people’s homes, proving its modern popularity. From quirky kitchen signage, to love hearts (or naughtier) in bedrooms, and palm trees in living rooms, neon is definitely here to stay.

Great Neon Ideas

From creating your full branding in neon, to quirky quotes in flowing neon scripts on your walls, neon lights can make your business shine bright in a world of boring signage. Neon shapes laid over prints or wooden panels is a very new and exciting way to display neon in your shop or restaurant. Neon has so many colours your imagination really is the limit to what you can achieve in the space that you have.

Consider having neon tubes on the ceiling instead of coving, or tubes that split into pink or blue to show the direction of the toilets! Get you logo made in neon and let it shine bright on your exterior, in your window or even just on your wall. Special projects can be celebrated and highlighted in Neon, and remember you can mix up neon with other mediums to create something truly special for your business.

Commercial Neon Signage

Gone are the days when neon was simply for cocktail bars and strip clubs, mainstream commercial premises are loving modern neon and incorporating it into both interior and exterior signage. Using neon as art, alongside traditional signage is making statements in restaurants, bars, and offices across the UK. Commercial interior design is focused on giving the customer a unique and interesting space to enjoy and neon certainly fits the bill.

Neon Creation

Creating a neon sign has the same steps as any other signage type. Starting with your requirements, or simply an idea of what you want, the design is created into a to-scale drawing which is then measured up against the glass. The glass is then heated to a point where it can be bent into the required shape. The air inside the shaped glass is then sucked out before being replaces with neon. When the gas filled glass shape is in place then electrodes are fitted and connected to a transformer so when it is turned on the electrodes burn the gas within the tube giving it the ‘neon glow’.

Custom Shapes in Neon

Neon can be created into just about any shape which is why it is so popular. Big brands love it, smaller brands are using it in quirky ways to great effect, and signage experts like Technical Signs are thinking of better, brighter ways to use this shining medium in commercial interiors across the UK.

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