Whether you own an office, shop, restaurant or bar, you really want your signage to be as clear and impactful as possible. When looking at options for design, most people tend to think about how their sign will look during the day but rarely consider what happens when the light begins to fade and night draws in.

Signage Considerations

The problem is the colours you chose for the sign above your door change once night comes on. The contrast might weaken and the colours can be less obvious. If you have signage in the windows of your store, the glow of street lights from outside might make it difficult to see and you’ll have less chance of attracting passing customers. In addition, blue can appear black and yellow can almost disappear once night takes effect.

For a company that has a distinctive brand, the fall of night can actually transform the look and feel of the signage. It’s something that you really don’t want to happen if you can help it. Companies often combat this by having backlit signs that present the same as in the daytime. This can be difficult to get right but is worth the effort makes sure your brand stays uniform whatever the time of day.

Signage can also change indoor as night comes on and your own lights come into play. It takes a lot of work and thought to make sure you have just the right type and strength of illumination so that your signs create the impact you want. In restaurants, for example, that could mean having an overhead lamp shining on your specials board or daylight bulbs above the bar so that everyone can see the beer and lager brands on your pumps.

Signage Options for Night and Day

There are several options for your business if you want to make sure that all your signage is working well. The first is to get the right advice about how you illuminate your signs at night. For interiors, this is all about having signs in the best places and how you organise the lighting. For outside, it could be more about whether you want your sign lit from above or you are going to opt for backlighting which can have a bigger impact. Another option which used to be popular in the past is the neon sign but much will depend on whether this suits your brand or not. You can also create signs that have a 3D impact. With the correct lighting, these can stand out even more at night.

You need to consider not only the growing darkness but also how things like street lights and passing traffic will impact on the clarity of your signage. You’ll also need to look at how surrounding businesses look in comparison to your store, bar or restaurant. Is one attracting more attention than others? How do you get your place to stand out just as much?

A great signage company like Technical Signs will be able to look at everything from your preferred branding to how those signs look up on the wall and, more importantly, how they will change as the day progresses from light to dark.

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