Head back a few years and you’ll find companies that, spent a lot of money on large billboards. Big was certainly better, whether you were showcasing a new product or promoting an exciting new service to the public.

While large signage is still relevant and necessary for some brands the vast majority of signage in a business, however, isn’t about advertising at all. It is about helping the customer get what they want.

Business Signage

The truth is that signage doesn’t have to be big or bold to attract. A lot depends on what you use it for. If you are a company considering a wide range of signage, there’s a lot that goes into the overall decision-making process. Not only is there what you are going to say but there’s the location, brand design and the cost to take into account.

Key to making it all work is understanding the purpose.

What’s the Point of Your Sign?

The big question you need to answer is the purpose any sign fulfils. This will largely determine the requirements, including potential size.

  • A store front logo is intended to have impact and attract the attention, helping you stand out on the high street. Size and branding need to combine for full optimisation.
  • A menu board doesn’t have to be large but does need to be easy to read and located where diners are able to see it in your restaurant.
  • A sale sign on a store front needs to have impact but the design and colours may well be more important than actual size to make it stand out.
  • A street sign should be big enough to attract attention but not so big that it takes up too much space on the pavement.

A large sign will have relevance, for example, if you want to attract busy traffic from a nearby road such as dual carriageway. You want it positioned so drivers can see it quickly and understand what it means without distracting them too much. Size matters here, of course, but also the location – motorists need enough time to be able to turn off towards your bar, restaurant or store rather than driving straight on.

It’s not just the size of any sign that is important but the size and style of the lettering you use. If you try to cram too much into the space by reducing the size of the font, for example, it can make the sign illegible. Using funky fonts that are difficult to make out at a distance can also have the wrong kind of impact.

Internal Signage

It’s not just outside that many businesses have signage – most of it is actually found inside. Obviously, the size of your signs will be dictated by the space you have in your store, restaurant or bar. Make them too big and they can appear overwhelming. Many of these signs are directional so they need to be optimised to get your customers where they want to go. Choosing signage that matches your brand is also important, but, ideally, you want it to be informative and useful without being overpowering.

There are plenty of situations where sign size matters. There are also areas where the message and placement are more important. Working closely with an experienced sign maker means you should get the right balance and signage that is optimised for the results you want to achieve.

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