Colour is in our everyday life, but can its use with signage and your brand image help you?

Particular colours or palettes are synonymous with certain industry sectors, but those that sometimes break away from the formula can achieve advantage over competitors by being visually different and striking – forging their own identity and gaining instant recognition with the public just by the clever use of colour – even without names or logos.

It’s a bold step, but key to setting yourself as ‘different’ in an often crowded marketplace.  

For instance:

Think red and you might think of a fizzy soft drink.

Think orange and a mobile phone company or budget airline might come to mind.

Think purple, and it could be a historic purveyor of chocolate.

Think yellow and a long established digger manufacturer will stand out.

Think black, and it’s more likely to be an Irish stout that originates from Dublin.

Are you seeing the power of colour recognition already?

Would you like to be the next brand in your sector to be recognised easily just by a colour?

Research has shown new customers will make their first opinion of you based on the influence of your colourway.

It’s vital to make the best use of your existing signage in creating a niche brand for your company. Or re-launch, with the right planning and colourway for you that sets you apart.    


Here are more perceptions of specific colours.

Red – often seen as warning, but used effectively to indicate warmth and passion.

Orange – playful and friendly – bold, confident and shows exuberance.

Yellow – vibrant and eye-catching like no other.  Not to be missed outdoors. Exude positivity.

Green – representing re-birth or growth and serenity. Show you’re environmentally friendly.

Blue – crisp, to indicate cleanliness and trust. Used in medicine and health.

Purple – connotations of royalty and of a high quality or luxury product.

Brown – of the earth. Use in moderation.

Pink – soft and compassionate. Romantic. Soothing and caring.

Black – often seen as traditional or ‘classic’ giving an air of sophistication and luxury.

Grey – cool and soothing – ideal for clinical professions like Dentists and Opticians.

White – clean, ideal for food, medicine and inferring simplicity.

Silver & Gold – indicate elements of luxury.  Use in moderation with a primary colour.

Colours are also not usually used exclusively, but in combinations of complementing tones or with contrast to achieve a balanced effect. Getting the mix right and putting over a powerful brand needs expert care and attention.


  • Do you have the right colour and palette selection for your brand?
  • Would you like to try something different?
  • Would you know how to approach this fascinating concept?
  • Might a refresh invigorate customer perception and loyalty, increasing sales?


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