We live in a very visual world, with the advent and popularity of Instagram and other Social Image sharing platforms, the interior of a commercial space has never been so important. When customers or new clients base a lot of their decision on where to go, and especially where to eat, based on the images they see on such social platforms then making your premises stand out is a key strategy to business success.

Bespoke installations are becoming more and more popular to make your premises pop. Custom made lighting, signage and large installations reflect the personality of the business, the area and the people intending to use the space.

Stand Out!

The interior (and of course exterior) of your premises always says a lot about the business you are, and the offer your present to your customers. While the exterior is important there may be more restrictions about what you can place outside that what you can do inside. Signage, lighting and bespoke installations can really give your business the edge when it comes to making an impact, and so increasing customer recommendations and repeat business.

Think Big

If you are looking for a bespoke installation that really makes an impact then think big! Technical Signs were asked by Zizzi to create a feature element in their new Holborn restaurant. The idea was to have an uplit tree in the restaurant that looked like it was holding up the ceiling! Big Indeed – each part of the tree was manufactured individually, the LED lighting was fitted to the branches and the completed item looked amazing and delivered within the short lead times.

Think Custom

Custom installations really make your commercial interior more interesting than your competitors, it gives a wow factor and is memorable and sharable and makes a statement about your business like nothing else can. Technical Signs made a stunning and unique light fixture to sit over the reception desk at Urbanest Student Accommodation in Hoxton. The bespoke installation needed to reflect the community so an industrial/steampunk look was used along with the name of the business to stunning effect.

Think Wow

Whatever type of signage, lighting or custom-built installation you choose for your commercial premises ensure it creates a wow factor. Clever commercial interior design combined with the practical help of an experienced bespoke sign manufacturer can really make the space come alive. Bold ideas, twists on well-known interior design principles and an openness to trying new things will make your commercial premises a wow space indeed.

Chain Reaction

Many retail, restaurant or office buildings have multiple sites or spaces across the UK, and while they will all have their individual character keeping the branding in keeping and consistent across these different premises is important. The original Zizzi tree (mentioned above) has been used as a theme for other similar (but not identical) trees to be manufactured in other branches of the Zizzi restaurant brand across the UK, including Cambridge, Glasgow and Worcester. They all have their own individual style while representing the same wow idea in different places.

Breathing life into a functional commercial space can be challenging but that is why so many of the most popular high street brands trust bespoke sign manufacturers Technical Signs to create something truly unique (and of course sharable) in their commercial premises.

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