When you are opening a restaurant, there are lots of things to consider and choices to make.  While the food, the décor and the interior layout are really important, there are other considerations you don’t want to ignore.

One of those is the type of sign you put on the front of the building – and here are five of the most popular types to help you choose.

Rim and return 3D Illuminated Channel signs

You want a sign that can be seen during the night and day and that’s why this is a popular type of restaurant sign.  With the rim and return 3D channel letter style, each letter is made from fabricated steel or aluminium.  This means the sides of the letters are made from metal and this can be painted in any colour.

The face of the letters then has an acrylic coating added in another colour.  The face of the letters has a series of internal LED lights behind them which light them up when it is dark.  There is also a small rim that runs around the outside of each letter and keeps everything together.

Acrylic illuminated 3D letters

Acrylic letters are sturdy and durable while the 3D version allows illumination to be placed inside to light up.  Each letter is effectively a box made from acrylic and coloured as desired.  Then LED lights are added inside with the lights facing up and outwards.  These lights can be white or different colours depending on branding choices.  You can also have them in a variety of thickness or depths depending on the size of the sign.

Halo illuminated 3D letters

This is a similar style to the acrylic illuminated light but rather than the box of the letter being made from acrylic, it is made from steel.  This makes them solid rather than transparent.  To create the lighting, LED lights are placed in modules inside the letters but directed to shine outwards.  This creates a ‘halo glow’ around each letter that makes them easy to read.  They are also a good cost-effective option.

Vacuum formed 3D illuminated Restaurant signs

This is a popular style with big chains that have a huge number of restaurants and want to display something eye-catching and recognisable outside each of them.  This helps to cut the costs down because this type of sign is one of the most expensive to make.  A mould is needed to create the sign and heat the acrylic into the desired shape, so it isn’t popular for a single restaurant business.

Stencil cut illuminated tray

This style of sign uses a background panel, usually, a flat sheet of metal and the letters of the name are added to it.  the letters are made with acrylic and LED lights are added by cutting the metal board and mounting them behind the letters.  The different thicknesses of acrylic mean you can have the letters protruding as much or as little as you want from the tray.

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