Great signage is extremely important when it comes to promoting your business on the high street. Whether you’re a local insurance company or solicitors, a bar or restaurant or a retail or food store, having a recognisable brand that is delivered through your signage makes a huge difference to footfall and engagement.

The good news is that signage comes in all different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any company. Here we look at metal signage and why investing in it can have a significant impact on your business.

Metal Signage Lasts

It can often be tempting to go for the cheaper options for signage but it’s a short-term view that doesn’t deliver the return on investment that you might be hoping for. Metal is strong and durable and, if maintained properly, should last for many years, perhaps even decades. Cheaper signage can easily get damaged by the elements and need to be replaced sooner than you think.

While metal is the best choice when it comes to durability, it’s also highly flexible in the type of signage it can be used to create. From embossed surfaces to quirky standout signs and can convey every brand style from simple elegance to quirky innovation. Materials such as aluminium, cast iron, steel and even copper can be used to create something professional and eye-catching.



Metal Signage Creates an Impression

If your business is on a busy high street or even slightly out of the way, attracting attention and standing out from the crowd is essential. There’s something about metal signage that creates a sense of authority, of sophistication and refinement.

How people perceive your brand is all-important in creating higher footfall and engagement. It shows passing customers that you have spent time, effort, and money in developing your branding. Metal looks smart and solid. It conveys respectability, competence, and acumen, telling people that you are a serious company to do business with. It says something about the quality of service and products that you provide.

Metal Signage is Flexible

Metal signs can be cut in different ways – they can be flat, have raised lettering, or even forged into different shapes. Sophisticated water jet cutting systems and other processes mean that almost any design can be created for a metal sign.

Aluminium is light and easy to maintain. Stainless steel has that eye-catching sheen and is highly customisable. Cast iron is heavy and robust and perfect for stand out signs. Other metals such as copper, brass and bronze all have their unique qualities that can help you stand out as a business.

Creating Your Signage

Are considering creating something like this for your business? It’s important that you work with a professional signage maker that is used to handling a variety of metals. They’ll be able to tell you which approaches work best and how to use different metals for your branding. It’s also critical to spend a decent amount of time on the design process itself to make sure all the bases are covered. This is certainly something that your signage company can help run more smoothly and efficiently.


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