First impressions count. We get told it when we go for an interview, when we date for the first time or when we try to sell a business idea as a budding entrepreneur.

When it comes to your business premises, those first impressions also count. Yes, the outside of the building is the first thing potential customers see but there’s also the lobby and reception.

Take a step back and look at your current signage in these areas – is it giving customers the right message? Could it be better? Has it got that wow factor?

A great first impression is fine. But a bad first impression can be more problematic. Once a customer has made their mind up about your business and not to deal with it, it can be difficult to get them back.

  1. Is Your Lobby and Reception Welcoming?

Many people are nervous when they step into a new business. That’s why you need to make every effort to ensure the lobby and reception area are as welcoming as possible. If your signage is too fussy or confusing, it can cause exactly the opposite reaction. Adding warmth to your lobby signs encourages engagement and helps your brand to stand out.



  1. Does it Tell Customers Who You Are?

What is your customer looking for and how are you delivering it? This is the question that your signage needs to answer, or at least provide part of the answer for.

Go into many leading businesses and the first thing you’ll see is their motto, the reason they are here and how they can help. It’s in the lobby or reception because this is the first real contact with the business, so it needs to have an impact.

Engaging with customers isn’t just about who’s on reception and how helpful they are. You can start influencing anyone who comes through the door with effective signage and there are 100 different ways to do it effectively.

  1. Do You Have Enough Wayfinders?

If someone is entering your business for the first time, they’ll quickly need to discover where they need to go. Adding the appropriate wayfinding signage is essential in addition to creating the right atmosphere. It sets them at ease and provides them with a direction – done well they don’t even have to ask at reception for directions.

The key is not to have your customer stranded in the middle of the lobby, unsure of where to go next. Make things clear and make them friendly.



  1. Are You Displaying Your Accolades?

We can be a bit standoffish in the UK about displaying awards and accolades. The truth is that you shouldn’t be hiding your successes away from customers and your signage should include what you’ve achieved. It creates that wow factor and tells customers that you’re a serious business and one that has their best interests at heart.

Combining all these elements should ensure that your lobby and reception area produce the right reaction in customers, making them feel welcome and interested in doing business with you from the very beginning.


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