The look and feel of your interior design is important. Whether you run a restaurant or bar, have an office on the high street or occupy a city centre block, branding isn’t just for the area over the front door.

You want it to be present throughout your interior, helping to motivate staff and impress visitors.

Commercial Interior Design

Many commercial properties are now getting that personal touch with vinyl wraps and custom wallpaper. What this means is that you can transform any space into a branded interior in next to no time.

Signage companies like Technical Signs are experts at looking at the space you have and advising the business owner or commercial interior designer on how they can make the custom printed finish look amazing. Vinyl wraps or custom wallpaper can be used to add signage, reflect your brand or simply create the mood you want.

What Are Vinyl Wraps?

When we think of vinyl wraps we tend to think of putting advertising on cars and vans. The good news is they can actually be used in almost any space, including for commercial interiors.

Let’s say you have a meeting room and you want to add you brand philosophy to the wall. Perhaps you’d like a customised piece of wall art in your reception area that everyone sees as they enter the office. Maybe you’d prefer something quirkier, a little branded artwork that wraps around a post or corner or even a door.

Vinyl wraps are perfect for these types of design choices. They’re easy to put up and will immediately transform any space. If standard signage won’t work in your space or the commercial interior has to look a very specific way for your branding, then swapping to a few vinyl wraps is a brilliant idea.

Endless Options

It’s a favourite with nightclubs as well bars and restaurants because designs can be added in next to no time. The chance to be creative when it comes to this medium are practically endless. All you need is an idea and a space to fit the wrap, your signage company should be able to do everything else for you.

You can include images or written mission statements to motivate staff. Pick the right designs and ideas and you can transform a dull space into something that is able to motivate and improve productivity.

Should You Have Custom Wallpaper?

It’s not just vinyl wraps that are making a splash in the world of commerce. Specific design aspects such as custom wallpaper are becoming increasingly popular. If you want your office space to be properly branded, this is the most effective way to create something that not only resonates with your staff but anyone visiting your company. Custom wallpaper will make you stand out from the crowd, and many business owners are now combining this with vinyl wraps for a completely unique look. Vinyl wraps and customised wallpaper can transform a space and give it the right brand feel, whether you’re just starting out or have an established business. Contact us today to find out how easy it is.

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