Getting noticed on the high street is essential for any business and finding new and innovative ways to stand out is critical.

That’s why banner signs play a huge role in visibility when used for outdoor spaces and more and more businesses are opting for them. They’re the perfect way to advertise your store, café or bar to passing trade and can make a big difference when employed locally and strategically.

What Are Banner Signs?

Simply put, banners are stand-alone signs that operate separately from your normal signage. For instance, if you have a café and outdoor seating, surrounding this communal area with well-designed banners can help attract customers to your door.

Banners signs can also be used to help your brand name stand out above the crowd. These include banners that are attached to single poles and heavy bases which can then be placed anywhere on the street.

The Benefits of Banner Signs

The first important benefit is that banner signs give you greater visibility at any time of day. If you live on a busy high street, or your office or store is out of the way, a banner sign can be used to effectively attract attention from a distance.

The other essential benefit is that banner signs are a low budget and effective marketing strategy. They cost relatively little to create and deliver a strong return on investment for businesses of all types. Banners can also act as partitions, separating you from the rest of the businesses on the high street. They’re also built to last so that initial investment in creating them goes a long way.



Tips for Creating Banner Signs for Your Outdoor Space

To work well, a banner sign not only needs to be durable and able to withstand the elements but also has to be attractive. Of course, the latter comes down to your particular branding and it’s worth looking at this before you decide to invest and perhaps look at whether it needs changing or updating.

Done well, one or two banner stands can have a significant impact on the way that people look at your business and decide if they want to engage with it. You should not look at banners as simply an added extra to your existing signage but as a profitable way to drive more footfall to your premises.

The good news is that banner signs come in all shapes and sizes and different materials and with print on demand services you can create something unique to your business. You can add virtually anything to a banner, but it needs to have an impact and it’s important to think through your design carefully – after all, you’re going to be stuck with it for a fairly long time.

Working with a sign manufacturer can help you iron out any issues and ensure that you end up with a quality banner that works well for your business. One of the great things about this type of signage is that it can also be decorated – for example, during the festive season you could wind lights around the frame to create a more welcoming, yuletide atmosphere.


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