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Signage is all around us. It’s on the roadside, in shopping centres, found in offices and organisations all around the world. While we often take it for granted, great signage can actually help define your business and make it stand out from the crowd. Many businesses spend a lot of time working out their front of house design without considering how important signage is to the interior.

What Signage Does Your Business Need?

Signs are meant to be informative, of course. They tell us where to go or point to a specific location. Most businesses will have a public toilet, for example, so you certainly need signs for that. Others are specific to certain sectors. Retail stores might want to highlight sales areas like kids, male and female sections, suits and formal wear or summer outfits. A restaurant may have menus or signs pointing to an outdoor eating area. An office will have signs that pick out different sections or give specific information to employees and visitors.

There are signs for fire exits and ones giving more detailed information about safety issues. Then there are others that are displayed outside your business that tell of wonderful sales and great new offers or upcoming events as well as what you’re all about.

How Do I Get People Into My Business?

There’s evidence that nearly half of new customers that cross the threshold of a business do so because they’ve noticed the sign. Great signage can do a lot to attract more visitors and increase sales. Make it attractive and eye-catching as well as relevant and you have the perfect recipe for boosting footfall off the high street.

Should You Brand Your Signage?

Not everyone who passes your office or store will want to go in immediately. Branding is important for setting that potential in their minds so that, when they do need you, they’ll remember who and where you are. Many businesses simply brand the sign above the shop door. Actually, branding all your signage, including directions to the loos can help engage visiting customers better.

Can Signs Sell More?

The simple answer to this is yes. If you’re a store that offers promotional deals, they can quickly attract attention and point customers in the right direction, whatever you are selling. Placed in the right part of your store, they can also encourage impulse buys for people who are simply passing on the street.

Checking Your Signage

It always pays to make sure that you have the right signage up. If you have a large facility, you’ll probably need more than you think.

Take a step back and look at your layout from the perspective of a first time visitor or customer. Does your signage help them get where they want to go? That includes your promotional or advertising as well as your safety and convenience signage such as directions to the loos and your reception or sales desk. If you don’t have branded signs, imagine what your office or store will look like if that is installed – most business find that it can make a big difference.

There’s no doubt that great signage is important to all businesses. It can enhance the visitor experience, add immediate convenience and help promote your brand more effectively in the process. Talk to the experts at Technical Signs about your signage needs and requirements.

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