Hoardings are not just about concealing unsightly areas where construction is going on. They can act as an extra level of security too but, perhaps more importantly, they can also be used to raise the profile of your brand, market to customers and create a sense of anticipation.

Whether you are simply updating the interior or creating a whole new build, investing in a hoarding can deliver plenty of advertising and branding benefits.

But how do you get it right?

Tell a Story to Stand Out

Customer traffic coming past your building is  susceptible to messages and distraction, this may be via their phone or just trying to by-pass someone that is on their phone, added to a constant wave of other competing messages and noise, you have to grab attention!

If you’re putting up a hoarding, you need something that is going to grab the attention and connect with the customer.

The good news is that hoardings are pretty large, so you have plenty of scope to be creative and deliver something memorable that’s going to impress the passing traffic. One big sign with your business name printed on it is more effective on Hoardings when added information is in full view, or even better, a story or narrative.

This is something construction companies do quite well at the moment. Walk past a new build site and you’ll see a professional, colourful and dynamic representation of what is being developed inside. You may not be building an office block or flats, but you can take that same dynamic with you.

How about telling a story of what is coming and the benefits to the area, what products or services are you offering?  Can passing future potential customers form a mental note about your business? Create a vision of the future and you create anticipation.

Images Work Better

There is that old adage that a picture paints a thousand words and that’s always true when it comes to marketing and advertising. Passing customers have limited time to consider or work out what you are trying to say – but they love to see images that elicit an emotion or response. If you have a hoarding, the bigger the better!

Colour is also important here. A grey hoarding is not going to attract attention but one with vibrant colours is going to stand out, even at a distant. Your colour choice could well draw people closer to your business to see what is coming soon.

Go for Something Unusual

Of course, a lot will depend on your brand but there’s also scope with hoardings to deliver something unique and unusual. Some companies, for example, have introduced living walls with plants incorporated into the design of their hoarding which invites people up to take a closer look. Others have opted for 3D designs and even digital ones.

Where Else Can Your Hoarding be Used?

If you are opening a number of businesses, then the likelihood is that you might want to use that hoarding elsewhere. Considering reusability is not only important but ensures that you get real value for the money you have spent on your hoarding. It’s important to hammer this out with your print company when you are initially designing everything so that you can plan better and have a true idea what will work and what won’t.

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