It’s easy to overlook the value of handmade signs and handcrafted elements in advertising. We’ve become used to everything on demand being produced by machines rather than being made by a skilled artisan with talent and experience.

While LED screens and digitally printed banners may dominate the signage landscape today, the timeless appeal of traditional signwriting can’t be overstated. Certain styles and designs, especially those aiming to convey a specific mood or theme, can certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

Timeless Appeal

The first reason to consider traditional signwriting for your business is the undeniable aesthetic allure it brings. Hand-painted signs have a unique texture and depth that digital prints often fail to deliver. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship involved in a sign like this also convey an air of authenticity and quality, traits that many consumers find attractive in today’s digitally dominated world.

Traditional signs can also be customised to an extent that is often challenging with digital prints, even with all the technology we have nowadays. From mixing custom colours to hand-cut shapes, the personalisation options are endless and easily recognisable.

Finally, handcrafted signs have a certain vintage charm that aligns well with particular businesses. For example, if you run a seafront café, a boutique store or a classic pub, a hand-painted sign can enhance your establishment’s overall appeal and visibility and make it more inviting to customers.


The longevity of traditional signwriting really does hold its own against more modern methods. Handmade signs created using high-quality paint will withstand elements like rain, wind and sunlight far better than some digital alternatives. The paint is often applied in layers which means these signs have a robustness that can withstand years of exposure.

If a handcrafted sign does eventually show signs of wear and tear, it’s much easier to touch up than a digital sign which may need to be replaced completely. A few quick brush strokes can breathe new life into faded lettering and immediately bring your sign back to life.

This longevity of hand-painted signs also makes them cost-effective in the long run. While the initial investment might be higher, the longer lifespan will often prove to be more economical compared to frequently replacing pre-made signs.

Design and Placement

Handmade signs are not bound by some of the limitations of digital printing technology. This makes them incredibly versatile in terms of design choices for your business. From various types of wood to metal, canvas and even glass, traditional signwriting can be applied to an array of materials.

Because they can be built in varying shapes and sizes, handcrafted signs fit into spaces where digital signs might not be appropriate. This offers more flexibility when planning the layout and design of your business space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

The freedom in design and placement also extends to the complexity of the artwork – you can create something unique. Skilled signwriters are capable of dealing with intricate designs that can be challenging to replicate with digital technology, even in a world of AI. In short, opting for a handcrafted sign helps set your business apart and gives it a unique identity, making it more memorable to potential customers.

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