• Is your sign design right for the purpose you wish to use it for?
  • Is it traditional or contemporary, fitting in with your needs and look?
  • Is it fitting in well with the business theme?
  • Is it informative, promotional, advertorial or directional?
  • Does it look clear and crisp or overly complicated?
  • Does it enhance the image of your products or company?
  • Is it working hard enough for you every minute of the day?
  • Is it striking enough by colour or in shape and structure to attract attention?
  • Is it positioned in the best place to maximise impact?
  • Will innovative design add intrigue?
  • What makes it (and you) stand out from the crowd?
  • Is it representing the company image how you wish?

The answers to all of these questions are many and varied, so it takes a long hard look from any self-respecting sign purchaser to move away from what could be seen as ‘the norm’, the everyday mundane image of sign specifications, to then look at what could work better for them.

Ideally, with the help of signage professionals that have vast experience in the marketplace of what works and of the very latest production and construction techniques, you are able to get not only value for money, but a high quality product that is different – and is working for you hard 24/7 – or at least, through every trading hour.

Signage plays an important part in customer perceptions, every bit as important as your company policies, standards of service and the goods or products you offer. Working together, when considered, they form an integral function in what is often referred to as ‘creating the brand’.

Signs and brand image portray the quality and standards you uphold and can often mean the difference between someone passing straight by, stopping to take a look, or coming right in.

You need to capture them and entice them – all with a subtlety that they might never even notice how you actually do it!  It can also make the difference between choosing your company over that of a nearby competitor, even if there is a saving in cost. People appreciate quality and service.

Signage can also reflect on you as a management team. Are you wishing to be ‘in amongst the rest’, or have that desire to stand-out from the crowd; to be innovative in your own marketplace?

Design has to be fit for your image. Are you forward thinking; right of the moment, or working in a themed era?  Working with you as a Technical Signs client, our in-house design studio has a range of talent and technical expertise that can give you a really refreshing angle to a design and build project, walking you through the design, manufacture and construction processes, through to easy installation at a time that suits your trading hours.

Signs should not be a one-off investment that gets left to the vagaries of weather, the local pigeon population, excited weekend revellers or good old, dust, dirt and wear and tear.

Once your store is fitted out, our work does not stop. An ill kept, dirty, flickering or part-broken, unlit sign just represents neglect. Cleanliness and attention to detail shines through with a carefully maintained sign and with the right standards of customer experience, brand loyalty will grow. You are seen as upholding the very same high standards that the customers themselves would expect to see.

Technical Signs provide a package of maintenance regime options that are tailored for you and the products we design and build. This not only protects your initial investment and prolongs the service life of the signage, but ensures that the values you uphold shine through at every point of contact with the customer.

What do your signs say about you? Are you ready to be different? Are you ready to get Technical?

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