There are a lot of things that hotel owners need to take into account when it comes to their signage. Simply put, getting it right can improve visibility and create a better connection with potential customers. That not only includes your main sign above the hotel door or out on the driveway, but everything inside that is designed to help and improve your customer service.

Here’s our quick overview of what you need to consider:

Size and Location of Your Sign

For your main sign you want to make sure that it can be seen from a reasonable distance. That often means you must have the space above the front door of your property where a sign can be put up. If that’s not available, for instance if you’re converting an old house into an hotel, then erecting a sign in the garden area could be a suitable solution. Other problems can arise if you have obstructions such as trees around the place – that may mean you need to raise the sign higher or push it out from the front towards the street.

Can Customers Read It

It’s no use having a big sign and no one can read it. Certain colours, for instance, can make reading difficult, particularly for those with sight issues. Blue on green can be very difficult to read, especially from a distance, while white on blue is highly visible. The other aspect you need to consider is the font you use. An artistic squiggle can be difficult to make out while something in bold letters may have much more impact.

Attractiveness & Brand Reflection

Whether your hotel has an easily recognisable brand will depend on a number of factors. First, large chains tend to have a clearly defined look compared to individual, single proprietor hotels. That doesn’t mean your sign shouldn’t reflect the kind of establishment you run. That could include having a funky, youthful font that attracts younger visitors or something sober that may appeal to an older customer base. You might also like to add information such as your minimum price rate or that you are happy to accept pets.

Lighting Options

What your sign looks like during the night is just as important as how it appears during the day. Good lighting can show up the front of your hotel and illuminate that sign perfectly to attract passing custom.

Other Signage

It’s not just the front of building where signage is important. You’ll no doubt have areas  around your hotel that require it, whether that’s a sign for the reception or one pointing out the direction of your restaurant. Matching up the branding is important here as anywhere else and something owners should pay special attention to.

Working with a Signage Expert

While you may have set ideas on what you want to achieve with your signage, you need to work with an expert team if you want to get it exactly right. A good and experienced signage company, like technical Signs, will be able to take a look at your hotel and highlight any issues, check the surrounding competition and come up with clear ideas and designs that allow your establishment to stand out from the crowd.

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