Menu boards have been a feature in restaurants almost since they were created.  But what makes them an important part of the marketing within the business?  And how do you make sure your is effective?

Here are the top reasons why menu boards and other menu signage are important to restaurants:

Menu Boards Connect You With Your Customer

While a menu board is there to tell the customer what is available, specials and other information, there is another subtle level to the communication.  A well-branded menu board as part of a larger marketing strategy helps to make that instant connection with your customer and help them to decide what they want – as well as feel confident with their choice by offering more information such as about allergies or ingredients.

Menu Signs Can Be An Integral Part Of The Décor  

There are so many more ways you can display your menu board and materials to use in creating it.  This has led to the menu board becoming a key part of the décor of the restaurant.  From backlit designs to handwritten style fonts, illustrated menus to classic chalkboard style, there are lots of ways to create them and have them fit in with the look of the interior.

For more inspiration, visit our Restaurant Interior Pinterest Board Here: Menu Boards.

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Tips To Get The Best Possible Menu Board

From giving customers information to helping with branding and the style of the restaurant, it is clear that every restaurant needs one.

But what should they contain and what tips are there for making them as effective as possible?

Get the Largest Text Possible

One of the first things to consider is the size of the text. The temptation is to give as much information as possible but that doesn’t always work.  Instead, you want to give the basics and allow the menu handed to customers to fill in the blanks.  Therefore, the largest possible text is a great way to design a menu board.

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Make Cure Menu Board Text is Easy to Read

You can be as ambitious and creative as you want in your menu boards, and with many signs, the more creative the better, but with menu boards they must also be easy to read or you may turn customers away, or cause extra work for your serving staff as they have to answer many questions.

Don’t Include Movement

If you’ve been to certain fast-food restaurants lately, you will have seen the trend for moving menu boards. But they are generally irritating, and simple, unmoving text will serve you better.  Keep it simple and don’t make them wait to order until the board cycles around – that wastes your time and frustrates the customer.

Imagery on a Menu Board?

Pictures on a menu are a double edged sword for many restaurants as you many want to ensure that customers can see the delicious things they are going to order, but if you include real food photos you run the risk of customers complaining if what they are served is not exactly what is on the menu, or your menu could end up looking like fast food place. Consider instead representative images of the food, or other brand imagery to give your menu boards a timeless and quality feel.

Whatever you need for your restaurant the experts at Technical Signs can help you create excellent, creative and on brand signage to make your food business stand out.

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